How to Connect a Keyboard and Mouse to an Xbox

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Updated July 25, 2022

Many serious gamers like to use alternative methods of remote controllers. Often, purchasing one of the best keyboards can benefit a gamer’s overall experience, so we’re here to show you how to connect a keyboard and mouse to an Xbox. And if you read this and want to learn more, you can also check out our article on how to use a keyboard and mouse without an adapter or how to disable a laptop keyboard.


  • Using input devices like a keyboard or mouse can increase in-game effectiveness.
  • Once connected, a user can adjust settings like cursor speed, primary and secondary buttons, and keyboard combinations.
  • Not every game supports a connected keyboard and mouse. However, there are online lists that gamers can review to check to see if a specific game works with a particular keyboard or mouse.

How to Setup a Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox

Setting up your Xbox with a keyboard and mouse isn’t tricky, but this process comes with some limitations. For example, you can’t connect a wireless keyboard or mouse via Bluetooth to an Xbox console. And for more information on these, you can check out our guide on how wireless keyboards work.

Insider Tip

For some games, you need to turn on the “lock input method as mouse” option for the mouse to work.

An Xbox comes with multiple USB ports that you can use for mouse and keyboard inputs. And once you’ve found the right USB keyboard and mouse, you just have to access your Xbox’s settings to configure the settings of your new input devices.

And although wireless options aren’t compatible with an Xbox (this applies to both the Xbox One and Xbox 360), they can be great for everyday use. If you are looking for something along these lines, you can check out our Verbatim Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse review article.


Plug in your USB mouse and gaming keyboard to any console’s USB inputs. They should be recognized automatically upon plugging them in. However, if your console doesn’t recognize the wired mouse or keyboard upon plugging them in, rebooting your device should allow the system to recognize mouse movements and keystrokes.


Enter into your Xbox settings. Then go into the “Devices and Connections” part of the menu. Once you’re in, you can access individual settings for the mouse and keyboard setup.


Once in the settings list, you can program things like keyboard and mouse sensitivity, polling rate, functionality, and various settings. You can also set up different keyboard combos to increase.


Once you have changed the settings, test out your new controls to see if they are to your liking. If not, adjust them as necessary until you are satisfied.


Some games, no matter what, won’t work with either a connected mouse, keyboard, or both.


Does keyboard and mouse connectivity work for all Xbox One models?

USB keyboards and wired mouses are compatible with all members of the Xbox family.

Are there any downsides to using a USB-connected keyboard and mouse?

The main downside is that the mouse and keyboard won’t work for some games.

What games work with a USB-connected keyboard and mouse?

Microsoft has no official lists of games that work and don’t work. However, there are lists you can find online that catalog the various incompatible games.

STAT: Mechanical gaming keyboards have an average lifespan of 50+ million keystrokes. (source)

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