How to Connect a Keyboard and Mouse to a PS4

Updated: Feb 10, 2023 5:48 PM
how to connect keyboard and mouse to ps4

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Gamers all over the globe are trying to improve their speed and technical ability. And one popular way to do this is by tossing the controller aside and connecting a keyboard instead. So, if you’ve found the best keyboard to improve your game, keep reading as we show how to connect a keyboard and mouse to a PS4.


  • There are a few different ways to connect a gaming keyboard and mouse combo to a PS4.
  • Wired devices are the fastest to set up and provide the most reliable connection.
  • Wireless devices are connected either through Bluetooth or through a USB dongle.

If you are still looking for an excellent control setup, check out our guide on the greatest keyboard and mouse for PS4. And for the non-Sony crowd, don’t worry; you haven’t been overlooked. We have an equally great guide on the best keyboards for Xbox One and an additional guide explaining how to use the keyboard and mouse with an Xbox One without an adapter.

How to Hookup a Mouse and Keyboard to a PS4

Knowing how to connect a wireless keyboard is a simple process. However, it takes some know-how concerning wireless connection setups and simple navigational know-how of your systems settings menu. So, whether you need to know how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard or one with wires, follow our step-by-step guide and watch your gaming ability soar.

Insider Tip

If you’re looking for connection speed and minimal lag, wired connections are usually the most reliable for console gaming.

And our coverage of keyboard connections doesn’t stop here. We have guides on all types of devices, like an article covering how to connect a keyboard to a Mac computer.

Wired Connection


For a wired keyboard and mouse, all you need to do is locate the USB ports on the front of your console.


Plug each USB cable into either input. Then, test for a connection.


Once you’ve established a connection, go into the keyboard and mouse settings to adjust controls, pointer speed, etc.

Wireless Connection


If you have a wireless gaming mouse and keyboard that aren’t equipt with Bluetooth, you will have to turn them on and insert the USB dongle for both devices into the USB ports.


Go into the settings and adjust the keyboard and mouse set up so that the controls are comfortable.


Not all PS4 games are compatible with an external keyboard/mouse setup. There is no complete list of incompatible games, but there are many online lists you can find.

Bluetooth Connection


Enter your PS4 settings, and then select “devices.” From there, select “Bluetooth devices.”


Once you’ve arrived at this spot, ensure your mouse and keyboard are in pairing mode.


Select them both when you see the two devices appear on the screen.


Once connected, customize your settings.

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Am I able to play PS4 games with a keyboard?

Most PS4 games are compatible with a keyboard. However, not all will work with one.

Is it better to use a mouse and keyboard with a PS4 than a controller?

Most gamers say that using a mouse and keyboard enables quicker reaction time and easier navigational control.

Is it necessary to have a specialist keyboard and mouse for PS4 gameplay?

There’s no requirement, but if you are looking to use a keyboard/mouse combo for enhanced speed, it might be better to get a set of specialized devices.

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