How to Connect Earbuds to an iPhone

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Updated September 12, 2022

If you are new to the world of personal audio, you may wonder how to connect earbuds to an iPhone. Some of the best headphones, after all, are earbuds and these designs are particularly well-suited to smartphones. So why use the best earbuds with an iPhone, and what are the various methods for using them? Keep reading to find out.


  • You can easily use a pair of earbuds with your iPhone or Android device without having to contact Apple support.
  • iPhones lack headphone jacks, but they typically ship with a pair of lightning-enabled proprietary earbuds that are useable without having to push the power button or info button.
  • You can also buy an adapter or opt for Bluetooth wireless headphones, accessing them via the settings menu and controlled with volume buttons.

Why Use Earbuds With an iPhone?

The reasons here are similar to when learning how to connect earbuds to an iPad. Earbuds are ultra-portable while still offering decent sound, which is why many people look to learn how to connect earbuds to an Android phone. Many of the best earbuds for iPhones, as a matter of fact, offer an advanced sound that rivals larger headphone types.

Insider Tip

If you opt for wireless earbuds, make sure to keep them properly charged for the best listening experience.

Beyond size, there is the convenience factor, as many models are the best earbuds for phone calls. These are just really easy to use and convenient, causing many to learn how to connect earbuds to a laptop.

How Do I Connect Earbuds to my iPhone?

You may have heard that iPhones don’t have headphone jacks anymore. Don’t worry. This still leaves you a few ways to connect your favorite pair of earbuds to your smartphone.

Use the Included Earbuds

New iPhones actually ship with a pair of earbuds called EarPods. These earbuds feature a lightning connector, so they can plug right into the bottom of your phone. Use couldn’t be any easier, as they are just plug-and-play. However, you won’t able to charge the phone when you are using these, or any other, earbuds. Additionally, you won’t be able to use the packed-in EarPods with any other devices unless they also include a lightning jack.


A USB webcam provides an easier installation experience, but it won’t provide the same image quality as a digital camera.

Use an Adapter

You can buy any pair of earbuds on the market and use them with your phone, even if they feature a standard headphone jack. Just purchase the appropriate adapter, affix it to the headphone cable, and plug it directly into the lightning port at the bottom of the phone.

STAT: If you’re setting up your AirPods for the first time, make sure that you have an iPhone with the latest version of iOS. (source)

Go For Bluetooth

Sick of cables? Go with a wireless pair of earbuds that use Bluetooth technology. Just activate the earbuds to open them up to pairing and head into the settings tab of your iPhone. Click on “Bluetooth” and look for the earbuds to pop up as an available connection option.

Earbuds iPhone FAQs

How do you connect your Galaxy buds?

You should be able to use Galaxy earbuds with your iPhone without having to fiddle with the power button or toggle switch. Just head into the settings and engage Bluetooth.

How do you connect AirPods to an iPad?

This is very similar to using them with an iPhone, as iPads also lack a headphone jack. Don't contact Apple support. Instead, purchase an adapter, use proprietary AirPods, or go the Bluetooth route.

How do you connect AirPods to a Chromebook?

If your Chromebook has a headphone jack, buy an adapter and go that route. You can also use wireless headphones, though, by accessing the computer's Bluetooth via the power button or the settings page.
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