How to Connect Earbuds to an iPad

Updated: Sep 16, 2022 8:44 AM
how to connect earbuds to ipad

If you are new to the world of mobile audio, you may want to learn how to connect earbuds to an iPad. Many of the best headphones, after all, are diminutive earbuds, and these earbuds shine when paired with a tablet like an iPad. So why use the best earbuds to connect to an iPad, and how do you get this done? Keep reading to find out.


  • Connecting a pair of earbuds to your Apple iPad tablet, Android device, or any connected device is a great way to listen to music or watch movies without disturbing those around you.
  • If you are going for a wired connection, use an Apple-branded pair of headphones with a Lighting connector or purchase an adapter.
  • For wireless headphone connections, most modern wireless earbuds use Bluetooth to pair with a mobile device. Just head to the settings menu and choose from nearby devices, including your audio device.

Why Connect Earbuds to an iPad?

An iPad tablet is a great streaming device, so headphones of some kind are a must. Moreover, you’ll need them if you’re learning how to connect earbuds to an Android phone. Popping in a pair of earbuds is great for business meetings and family calls, which is why many learn how to connect earbuds to an iPhone. Many modern earbuds are designed with Apple products in mind if you are searching for the best wired earbuds for iPhones and iPads.

Insider Tip

If you are using wireless earbuds, keep them charged so they will be ready when you need them.

How to Connect Earbuds to iPad Tablets

There are various methods to do this depending on the design of your earbuds and their preferred connection type. Here are the simplest ways to get started.

Use the Included Earbuds

Modern iPads ship with a pair of earbuds, just like your iPhone. If your iPad lacks this accessory, use the pair that came with your iPhone. These are just standard earbuds, but they are designed with a Lightning cable at the end so that they can plug right into the bottom of your iPad. Just plug them in and get going. These are bare-bones earbuds, but they still sound pretty good and offer reduced lag, as they are wired.

Get an Adapter

If you have a standard pair of wired earbuds, you will need an adapter to plug them into the Lightning port at the bottom of your iPad. This is the same deal as iPhones, as Apple long ago cut ties with the humble headphone jack. You can pick up an adapter at any electronics store or online retailer. Once purchased, just plug the headphone jack into the correct port and then plug the end into your iPad.

STAT: Using a Bluetooth connection, you can use third-party devices such as wireless keyboards, headphones, speakers, car kits, game controllers, and more with the iPad. (source)

Use Bluetooth

Wireless earbuds connect easily to your iPad with a simple Bluetooth pairing. Head into your iPad’s settings and turn Bluetooth on, hold down the power button on your earbuds to allow for pairing, and then click on the name of your earbuds on your iPad. That’s all there is to it.

Earbuds iPad FAQs

How do you “un-pair” Bluetooth headphones from an iPad Pro?

To permanently disconnect your headphones from an iPad or other mobile devices, head into Bluetooth settings and follow the prompts. There should be an info button on the menu bar that will do the trick.

Can the iPad be connected to external headphones?

Absolutely. You can connect nearby devices via Bluetooth or a wired connection. If you run into any issues, contact Apple support for more information.

Why do AirPods have such great sound?

Apple doesn’t skimp when it comes to their wireless headphones, AirPods included. They feature advanced audio drivers that excel in delivering professional sound to a range of devices, including any standard mobile device.

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