How to Connect a Drone to a Controller

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Updated February 10, 2023

If you’re looking for the best drone, you’ll need to know how to connect it to its receiver. Without the proper setup instructions, you may experience a connection issue or lose the ability to keep your drone stable. Whether performing basic drone moves or racing drones, you should understand how to connect a drone to a controller to keep your drone in flight.


  • Drone controllers are the primary interface for drone pilots to control and calibrate the drone.
  • Each drone model features a unique controller, but most use a similar process to attain a successful connection.
  • Check your WiFi and App settings if you have continued compatibility issues between your drone and controller.

How to Pair a Drone with a Remote Controller

Ensure your battery charge level is 100% before starting the connection process. You can charge the drone battery without the charger, but it may take longer than expected to reach a full battery level.

Insider Tip

Consider reinstalling your drone controller app on your mobile device if you experience a connectivity issue.

Most drones can maintain stability without the trim buttons, but you need a secure connection between the remote control and the drone for the best experience. For example, you cannot flip your drone or calibrate a drone without the remote control.

The drone remote is arguably the most essential tool for a drone pilot. Thanks to a strong radio signal, it is easy to maintain a stable connection between the drone and a remote. Most drone remotes feature a power button, a link button, and a spot for an Android phone. While there aren’t interchangeable controllers, most modern remotes have a similar controller layout.


Turn on the remote controller and look for a red LED light. If you hear a beeping sound, don’t panic. This is normal for some drone remotes.


Power on the drone and look for a flashing yellow light, indicating that the drone is ready to connect to the controller.


Launch your drone’s mobile app and look for the remote control settings. Tap on the “link remote controller” button, and wait for a beep sound to let you know the remote is ready to connect.


Grab your drone and hold the connection button for three seconds. After a successful connection, the drone will have a solid green light. You are now ready to fly.


Electromagnetic interference can disrupt your flight interface and make your drone flight controller undergo connection and hardware issues.


Why is Your Drone not connecting to the controller?

If your drone receiver takes a while to connect or it doesn’t connect, there might be some severe issues with your drone. That said, the most common problem is a low drone battery. In addition, you might have low battery power in the drone controller itself.

How Far Can a Drone Fly from The Controller?

The quality of the drone radio transmitter will inform the maximum operating range between a drone and the controller. Cheaper drones may offer a 150-foot flying range, while high-end models like the DJI Mini 2 delivers up to 6.2 miles.

Do drones use WIFI or Bluetooth?

Most modern high-end drones are WiFi-enabled to broadcast video to a smartphone mobile application and deliver an extended connection range between the controller and drone. While Bluetooth is a common solution for cheaper drones, it doesn’t offer a very long range.

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