How to Connect a Camera to a Mac

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Updated August 10, 2022

When even the best webcams fail to please, it might be time to switch to a more professional model. Digital cameras make excellent webcams because of their crystal-clear imagery and many configuration options. Below, you’ll learn how to connect a camera to a Mac so that you can enjoy the best webcam experience possible.


  • If you’re looking to film a lot of content or have a lot of video conferencing, it’s well worth investing in a digital camera and using that as your webcam.
  • It’s easy to hook your camera up to your computer so long as you have the right equipment for the task, including any required adapters.
  • You must connect the camera and computer and download any required software, such as drivers.

How to Connect My Camera to My Mac

While Apple products usually have a great camera already, sometimes you need something with more power. Going with a third-party solution means enjoying a higher-quality video stream than the built-in webcam could offer.

Many cameras on the market can outperform the built-in option that comes with your laptop or computer. Below, you’ll learn how to connect your Mac to one such option. If you think you want to use a camera as a webcam, make sure you first have all of your options open. Reading our Wansview 1080p webcam review will be a great place to start.

If you aren’t using an Apple system, try to learn how to connect a camera to a Chromebook instead.

STEP 1 Set the Camera to USB Mode

First, read the instructions manual for your camera. Sometimes, you’ll have to use the menu system to set its compatibility to USB mode. If you want to use your camera as a webcam, you should also learn how to disable the webcam on a Mac.

STEP 2 Turn Off the Camera

Hit the power button and turn off your camera. You should never connect a camera that is turned on to your Mac. You might have to use power adapters if you do not have the correct port built into your machine.

STEP 3 Plug the Camera into your Mac

Take your USB cable and plug the right end into your camera. Then, plug the other end into your Mac.

STEP 4 Download and Install Required Software

Download and install any third-party software your camera requires per the instruction manual. You should have full access to your camera from there. If not, you might have a hardware issue to look into. If you also use Windows computers, try learning how to connect a camera to your computer as a webcam next.


Always hit your camera’s power button and turn it off before connecting it to your computer.

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How to Connect a Camera to a Mac FAQs

Are built-in iSight cameras high quality?

Generally speaking, Apple Inc. is known for producing high-quality videos. An example is their built-in webcam, which seems to have pretty decent quality.

How do I adjust my webcam settings on a Macbook Pro?

You’ll need to navigate to the System Preferences section and click on Security & Privacy. From there, open up the Privacy pane. You should be able to select your camera from there.

Does my MacBook Pro have a USB port?

Macs do not include a port to plug in a USB cable. Instead, you’ll have to purchase an external adapter that converts Thunderbolt to USB. These devices aren’t particularly expensive, and they’re incredibly useful.

How can I troubleshoot my Macbook Pro?

That depends on the problem that you’re having. However, Apple diagnostics is a great way to figure out the potential solution to most issues.
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