How to Connect a Camera on Chromebook

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Updated August 10, 2022

The best webcams on the market will take your video calls to the next level. However, they’re no good at all unless you know how to set them up. If you have a Chromebook that you use for work or school video calls, learning how to connect a camera on a Chromebook is essential.


  • External webcams will allow you to take your video calls up to another level by providing higher-quality video than a built-in camera can offer.
  • First, you should try and find the best webcam for your needs, taking care not to invest in an incompatible webcam.
  • After you read the instructions manual for the webcam, plug it in and navigate through the settings on your computer to activate it.

Webcam Setup for Chromebooks

If your Chromebook came out after 2020, it should have an integrated webcam. However, regardless of whether you have a built-in camera, this tutorial should work fine. And learning how to use your camera on a Chromebook won’t be hard once you have it set up.

Insider Tip

Chromebook has a built-in camera app that you can use to test-run your new webcam before your next video conference.

It’s important to remember that different operating systems have different setup requirements. So, you’re in the right place if you need to learn how to connect a webcam to a laptop or how to connect a camera on a Mac.

STEP 1 Read the Instructions

First, remove your new external USB webcam from its packaging. Make sure that you read over the directions that come with it, as well.

STEP 2 Plug the Webcam into Your Computer

Since your compatible webcam is a USB device, you can plug it in now.

STEP 3 Open the Settings Menu

Open up the search function in your menu bar. Search for “settings.”

STEP 4 Open the Camera Menu

Click “show advanced settings,” go into “privacy,” and then navigate to “content settings.” From there, go into “media” and then “camera.”

STEP 5 Change the Default Camera to Your New Webcam

Change your default webcam to the one you just plugged in. Now your new webcam is set to be your default. If you need to find a high-quality webcam, read our Youpeck 1080p HD webcam review.


Integrated or built-in webcams can be used by hackers to spy on you, but you can cover it with tape to prevent this.

STAT: In 2019, 52 percent of all individuals used the internet to make a voice or video call, but usage was higher among those who used the internet within the last three months at 60 percent. (source)

How to Connect Camera on Chromebook FAQs

Why should I get an external webcam?

Most built-in options only come with 720p resolution. Because of this, many people prefer to use a better camera with higher-quality imagery and video.

How do I take a photo on a Chromebook?

Simply open up the camera app icon, and you should be able to open up the webcam. Do some basic light correction, play with the settings, and then take your photo.

How do I find pictures I’ve taken on my computer?

You should be able to find your photos in the Files app. Simply open up the start menu and search for “Photos” to access this area of your computer.

How do I secure my integrated webcam?

If you’re worried about privacy and security, there are a few steps you can take, including:

  • Put tape over your webcam
  • Get a third-party software to monitor it
  • Disable your webcam altogether
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