Hoverboard Bluetooth Explained

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Updated October 16, 2022

Many gadgets we use throughout our daily lives are embedded with a wireless connection standard known as Bluetooth. This stable connection allows for a wide variety of uses, from sending audio to speakers to controlling home appliances. Many of the best hoverboards also use Bluetooth for a number of reasons. Here is our guide to why and how these hoverboards use Bluetooth.

What is Bluetooth for on a Hoverboard?

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity standard that allows for the exchange of data between different devices over short distances. It uses UHF radio waves for connection and is widely used in smartphones, smart speakers, tablets, and a wide array of other gadgets and appliances. Believe it or not, Bluetooth has been in use since 1989, predating Wi-Fi and other wireless connection standards.


Hoverboards, otherwise known as self-balancing scooters, are nifty pieces of technology that offer a new form of locomotion for kids and teens, as well as adults. These personal transport vehicles do not actually hover, as the name suggests, but they move via balance, which is why they are sometimes known as self-balance boards. In other words, when someone is riding a hoverboard, in order to move forward, they just have to slightly tilt their body frame in that direction. Check out any reputable hoverboard connection guide for more instructions.

Bluetooth on a Hoverboard

Most hoverboards on the market do come equipped with a simple Bluetooth received embedded into the circuitry. The primary use for Bluetooth on a hoverboard is for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet. Hoverboards typically include powerful speakers in their frames, which can offer a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite songs, podcasts, and other forms of audio.

How to Use Bluetooth on a Hoverboard

If you are looking to stream some tunes from your smartphone to the speakers embedded in your hoverboard, the process could not be simpler. All you have to do is open up the system settings on your phone and look for the Bluetooth tab. Turn on Bluetooth, and the phone will automatically search for nearby devices. Once your hoverboard pops up, simply click on it. That’s it. Your hoverboard’s speakers and your phone should be connected via Bluetooth. Some hoverboard models will play a simple sound when a Bluetooth connection has been established. If you don’t like these sounds, you may be able to turn off the warnings on your hoverboard.

How to Play Music on a Hoverboard

Once your hoverboard has been connected to your phone via a Bluetooth connection, you can stream music to the hoverboard’s speakers simply by choosing songs or podcasts on your phone. Open up your favorite music player app and just push play. Popular music apps include Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music. Having a streaming app can help save space on phones.


Android Phone and iPhone

Each major smartphone operating system offers a slightly different method to access the system settings in order to turn on Bluetooth. Become familiar with your phone’s operating system before attempting to get a Bluetooth connection going with the hoverboard Bluetooth module.


We might recommend having a hoverboard playlist ready to go to limit the amount of time you spend fiddling with your smartphone while the hoverboard is in motion. Most apps for music allow for the making of playlists. Even podcast apps often offer this simple functionality.

Riding Modes

Most hoverboards offer a variety of riding modes, each allowing for different top speeds. These top speeds can combine nicely with your favorite riding song. These riding modes can really allow for some fantastic hoverboards with smartphone experiences, as they offer an efficient speed of travel.

LED Lights

Modern hoverboards typically include gorgeous LED lighting schemes that run throughout the exterior. These light shows can pair nicely with your favorite songs or podcasts, as they tend to change designs with faster speeds.


Not All Hoverboards Have Bluetooth

Though many, if not most, modern hoverboards do include a Bluetooth transmitter for the purpose of streaming audio, not all of them do. If you are in the market for a hoverboard and want to ensure that it boasts this functionality, be sure to read the fine print thoroughly.

Safety First

Hoverboards can be a whole lot of fun, but they can also be somewhat dangerous if you are prone to accidents. Just take caution as you ride, particularly if you are using the hoverboard’s built-in speakers to enjoy some music. Additionally, take great care to ride at lower speeds in populated areas. Higher speeds can lead to accidents.

Battery Life

Bluetooth can be a drain on a hoverboard’s lithium-ion battery pack. If you are running low on battery and want to continue riding your hoverboard, we would suggest turning Bluetooth off for a bit in order to conserve juice. Riding at higher speeds can also drain the battery.

Remember to End the Connection

After your ride, be sure to disable Bluetooth; otherwise, your phone will continue to stream audio to the vehicle. If no audio is coming from your phone after you have taken a ride on your hoverboard, this is likely the culprit.










Hoverboard Bluetooth Explained FAQ

What kind of phones do Bluetooth hoverboards work with?

Most modern smartphones should allow for Bluetooth audio streaming. Both iOS and Android-based smartphones usually include Bluetooth, so as long as you aren’t using an ancient flip-phone, you should be fine.

How to connect Bluetooth to the hoverboard?

While this does vary slightly depending on what operating system your phone uses, the basic process is as follows. Go to your system settings, find the Bluetooth option, and open it up. Turn Bluetooth on and then wait as it searches for your hoverboard. Once it has found the hoverboard, click on it.

How do you stream music to your Bluetooth hoverboard?

Once you have connected your hoverboard to the Bluetooth transmitter in your phone, it should simply be a matter of pushing play on your favorite song or podcast. The speakers in the hoverboard will simply play whatever audio is being sent to them.

Which hoverboard has Bluetooth?

Most modern hoverboards feature Bluetooth and related built-in speakers. Some lower-priced models, however, may lack the feature. Be sure to read all of the fine print and related documentation before making a hoverboard purchase.

Do all hoverboards play music?

Most hoverboards do play music via built-in speakers and a reliable Bluetooth connection. To be sure, read the instructions of your hoverboard closely and look for a section dedicated to Bluetooth and streaming audio.
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