How to Connect a Bluetooth Soundbar to a TV

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Updated August 16, 2022

If you are new to the world of all-in-one speaker setups, you may wonder how to connect a Bluetooth soundbar to a TV. Some of the best speakers, after all, are premium soundbars, and many are equipped with Bluetooth receivers. So why should you use a Bluetooth soundbar, and how can you get one going with your TV? Keep reading to find out.


  • Using a Bluetooth soundbar with your TV and remote control is a great way to improve your sound with a wireless connection without needing HDMI ARC or an optical cable.
  • Before purchasing a TV or sound bar, ensure they feature integrated Bluetooth receivers and transmitters.
  • If not, third-party external options are available, but they offer a slightly more confusing setup that requires familiarity with the settings menu and pairing mode.

Why Use a Bluetooth Soundbar?

Before you learn how to connect a soundbar to a TV, it is helpful to learn why a Bluetooth model is beneficial. First of all, they don’t require actual wires connecting to the TV, which is dissimilar when connecting a soundbar to a TV with HDMI. Also, Bluetooth soundbars are just as full-featured as their wired counterparts if you are learning the various types of speakers.

Insider Tip

Make sure to choose a Bluetooth soundbar with low latency, especially if you are a gamer.

Bluetooth soundbars also allow for the same external connections as traditional models if you are learning how to connect a subwoofer to a soundbar.

How to Hook Up a Bluetooth Soundbar

There is no universal how-to here, as it largely depends on the designs of your soundbar and your TV, as some ship with Bluetooth capabilities already integrated, and others require a little maintenance on your part. Let’s go over some general troubleshooting tips.

Shop Wisely

Many, though not all, modern smart TVs are equipped with Bluetooth receivers and transmitters. The same goes for soundbars. To make your life easier, shop for TVs and soundbars that advertise robust Bluetooth functionality. This will vastly simplify the installation process. There are ways to work around the lack of Bluetooth integration, but let’s worry about that later. Bluetooth is becoming a modern standard for both TVs and soundbars, but we aren’t there just yet.

Use an External Receiver

If your TV or soundbar lacks built-in Bluetooth support, just purchase and install a dedicated receiver/transmitter combo. These are easily available online and at local gadget stores. They are relatively easy to set up. Just follow the instructions and work slowly to ensure compatibility.

Follow Instructions

Setting up Bluetooth can be finicky, so follow the instructions to the letter and work slowly to avoid accidentally connecting to another nearby device equipped with a wireless receiver. You may need to download and install drivers to get Bluetooth to work with either your TV or soundbar. If that is the case, get on that.

STAT: Early passive versions simply integrated left, center, and right speakers into one enclosure, sometimes called an LCR soundbar. (source)

Bluetooth Soundbar to TV FAQs

What is a Bluetooth connection?

Bluetooth soundbars do not need a wired connection, such as HDMI ARC, as they connect wirelessly. This type of sound bar does not lose audio quality and is easy to operate with a remote control or remote control device.

How do I make my soundbar Bluetooth?

You can affix a Bluetooth receiver to most soundbars to eliminate the need for wired connections like HDMI ARC, though the soundbar will have to plug into a power outlet.

How to disconnect a Bluetooth device?

To disconnect a Bluetooth soundbar, for instance, use the remote control or soundbar remote to access the settings menu and manually remove the device. This will disrupt the audio signal and/or surround sound.
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