How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard

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Updated July 27, 2022

As technological limitations continue to decrease, many find that the best keyboard to suit their purposes is a wireless one. As a result, wireless technology is highly sought, but sometimes, learning how to connect it can be tricky. That’s why, below, we will explain how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a computer.


  • Bluetooth is a wireless connection technology common now in many connected devices.
  • To pair a Bluetooth keyboard to a computer, you must ensure that the device is set on discoverability mode and that your computer is Bluetooth compatible and ready for connection.
  • Establishing a Bluetooth connection should only take seconds once you know the proper steps.

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How to Pair a Bluetooth Keyboard

Whether you’re trying to learn how to connect a keyboard to a Mac or Windows, pairing a keyboard requires understanding your gadget’s Bluetooth settings. But rest assured, once you know how to do this, the process is as easy as slipping on a pair of velcro sandals.

Insider Tip

Make sure that you have fresh batteries when trying to make a Bluetooth connection. Low keyboard batteries can weaken the signal and make it harder to connect.

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  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Required: 5 minutes
  • Total Steps: 7
  • Tools Needed: Wireless Keyboard, Computer


You first need to determine if your Windows computer has Bluetooth compatibility. To do this, press the start button and enter it into the device manager. If you see Bluetooth on the device list, you’ll know if your computer is compatible.


Next, you’ll need to enable Bluetooth discoverability on the keyboard and the computer.


On the computer, head to the Start menu. Then go into Settings, then Bluetooth & Devices. Finally, ensure that the Bluetooth pairing tab is turned on.


Using wireless devices can increase the chances of being hacked, including keyboards.


Turn on the keyboard. Find the pair button and turn it on. Each type of wireless device pairs in a slightly different way. If you have issues making the device discoverable, consult the user manual.


Once pairing mode is enabled, go back to your PC. In the Bluetooth & Devices Settings, press “Add Device.”


You should see the name of your keyboard model appear. Select it to pair.


Wait until it says you have made a successful connection, then close out the settings. Then, try typing something to make sure the connection works.

STAT: The range of a Bluetooth keyboard is about 30 feet. (source)


What does making your device discoverable mean?

Turning on discoverability sends out an open signal that allows it to connect to a computer or another connected device.

What should I do if my wireless keyboard won’t connect?

The first thing to do is check that your settings are correct. If this doesn’t work, you can try updating your Bluetooth driver or calling the manufacturer’s customer service line.

Where is the pairing button on my keyboard?

Most pairing buttons are located near the keyboard’s power button. However, the button placement varies from keyboard to keyboard.

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