How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

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Updated January 6, 2023

If you are new to the world of computer accessories, you may wonder how to clean a laptop keyboard. Last time we checked, every one of the best laptops includes a keyboard, and these keyboards require regular cleanings and maintenance. So why keep the best keyboards clean in your laptop, and what are your options? Keep reading to find out.


  • Cleaning a laptop keyboard is especially important, as replacing or repairing a laptop keyboard is difficult.
  • Use a microfiber lint-free cloth or cotton swab to wipe down the exterior of the keyboard and stay away from cleaning chemicals, though isopropyl alcohol may be a decent option.
  • Use a can of compressed air to dig out any debris stuck underneath the keybed, though a vacuum cleaner accessory is also an option.

Why Clean Your Laptop Keyboard?

Learning how to clean a keyboard is important, and this is especially true with laptops. In other words, learn how to clean a Macbook keyboard to ensure a decent lifespan of the computer itself. Laptops are self-contained devices, so a dirty laptop keyboard is difficult to remove, which you know if you have ever learned how to disable a laptop keyboard.

Insider Tip

You can also purchase a dedicated laptop keyboard cleaning kit that includes a microfiber cloth and other tools.

Keyboard replacement is expensive, even if you already know how to fix a keyboard key. Keep your laptop’s keyboard clean to ensure a decent lifespan for the keyboard and the actual laptop, even if you already know the best keyboard for Mac.

Tips to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

Each laptop is different and may necessitate unique cleaning procedures. With that said, however, here are some universal cleaning tips worth considering.

Use Compressed Air

The first and most tried-and-true option is to use a simple can of compressed air. Work slowly and work over every key on the keyboard. Don’t overdo it; you just want to stir things up and remove the errant particles in the keyboard. Give it a once over every now and again, and you should be fine. Make sure the computer is powered down before starting this and, upon completion, hold the computer upside down to release any lingering debris.

Try a Microfiber Cloth

Beyond compressed air, a standard dry microfiber cloth is always a good option for cleaning the exterior of the keyboard. This won’t reach into the inner crevices of each keyboard switch, but it will clean up any obvious stains or blemishes on the keyboard itself. Again, once finished wiping down the keyboard, tip it over carefully to discharge lingering particles.

STAT: External keyboards are completely detached from the PC, so it’s easier to do a deep cleaning. (source)

Go for a Small Vacuum Attachment

Another good option is to buy a small keyboard attachment for a handheld vacuum. This will suck up any and all debris hanging around, but go slowly and don’t overdo it. After all, laptops are finicky.

Cleaning Keyboards FAQs

What can I use to clean my laptop keyboard?

You can use many things to clean a laptop keyboard and any affiliated power cords, though you should stay away from soapy water and other liquids. Instead, use a soft cloth or a damp cloth for stubborn debris.

Can you clean a laptop keyboard with Clorox wipes?

Some laptop manufacturers say Clorox wipes are fine to use to clean a keyboard, such as Apple, but use them carefully, as these cleaning products contain chemicals and abrasive materials.

Can I vacuum my keyboard?

You can use a vacuum to suck up loose debris at a 75-degree angle, but a standard housecleaning vacuum will be too large. Go for an attachment for a handheld vacuum instead.
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