How to Clean a Hoverboard

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Updated October 15, 2022

You wouldn’t purchase one of the best hoverboards and then cover it in a bunch of dirt, would you? Cleaning your hoverboard is about more than scoring cool points with your crew. Along with keeping it as fresh as the day you got it, regularly performing routine maintenance on your scooter can help to keep you on the road longer and keep it working properly. This can translate to fewer injuries and a board that lasts longer than a year or two. Follow these key tips to keep your hoverboard looking and working like new. And if you are looking for a new hoverboard that is best for kids or beginners, check out our Xprit Hoverboard review or our guide on the top-rated 6.5-inch hoverboards.

The Most Important Features to Keep Clean

If you’re regularly cleaning your hoverboard, this list shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Keep in mind that routine cleaning is about more than having a shiny new toy that’s the envy of everyone you know. Hoverboards rely on electrical circuitry and sensors, which can become impaired or faulty when your board is dirty. And that can lead to an increased risk of hoverboard accidents or hardware malfunctions.

Keeping Your Wheels Clean

You might be surprised to find that your hoverboard’s motors are in the wheels. So, routine road gunk-like debris and dirt can build up quickly. Ideally, you should inspect and clean your wheels regularly. To do this, you’ll need to learn how to take apart your hoverboard’s wheels. If you are interested in a different kind of hoverboard, you can check out the top single-wheel hoverboards.

Tip: inspect and clean your wheels regularly

The Best Tools to Use

In most cases, you can easily keep your wheels clean by using a brush and water. But with stubborn dirt, you can also use mild soap if needed. While you’re cleaning, be sure to check that both tires are aligned in the same direction as your wheel shaft. Also, check to make sure that all parts are properly bolted and secure to prevent the risk of injury.

Tip: check that both tires are aligned in the same direction as your wheel shaft

Cleaning the Shell

Riding a dirty and dusty hoverboard isn’t the move. So you’re going to want to periodically wipe it down to keep it looking sparkling and fresh. Just remember that hoverboards dislike water. So, rather than submerging it in water, take a damp cloth and gently wipe it down while avoiding getting water in any crevices that lead to the internal components. However, make sure that your hoverboard is turned off and isn’t charging when you clean it to prevent the risk of damaging your board or electrical shock.

Warning: remember that hoverboards dislike water

Make Sure LED Lights Are Clean

Clean LED lights are more than a flex, it’s a safety precaution. If you can’t see your hoverboard’s LED lights when they’re on, you shouldn’t be riding it at night. Not only will you not be able to see where you’re going, but other people can’t see you either. This is another task where a damp cloth should be more than sufficient to clean any dirt or grime off of your lights so that they’re emitting vibrant light. Once your hoverboard is nice and clean, if you would like, you can customize your own hoverboard to show your style.

Warning: If you can’t see your hoverboard’s LED lights when they’re on, you shouldn’t be riding it at night

Don’t Forget the Maintenance Check

The perfect time to perform routine maintenance checks is when you’re cleaning your hoverboard. After you’ve finished cleaning the exterior, take some time to inspect your hoverboard’s components and if needed, take it in for professional maintenance if you can’t fix your hoverboard yourself.

Check the Pedals and Brakes

Considering how important both of these components are to ensuring a safe ride, you should be checking the pedals and brakes on your hoverboard regularly. Make sure that the pedals aren’t too loose or too tight, as this can make steering difficult. And, of course, ensure that the brakes are working properly.

Tip: you should be checking the pedals and brakes on your hoverboard regularly

Inspect the Wiring

Depending on how frequently you ride, your wiring might come loose over time. If you’re comfortable doing this yourself, open up your case and ensure that wires are properly aligned and securely in place and that dirt hasn’t snuck its way into the interior. Alternatively, if this sounds intimidating, have a professional manage this task, as you don’t want your hoverboard catching fire.



How to Clean a Hoverboard FAQ

Can hoverboards get wet?

The fastest way to damage your hoverboard is to get it wet. Avoid riding in the rain or submerging it in water and when cleaning, opt for a damp cloth instead.

Why do you need to clean your hoverboard?

Beyond keeping it sparkling, routinely cleaning your hoverboard can ensure optimal performance. The motors are in the wheels so dirt and grime can impact your ride. Keeping your hoverboard motor clean is going to extend the life of your board.

Can hoverboards ride on dirt?

Hoverboard tires aren’t designed for rough terrain. They’re best paired with smooth pavement found on roads and sidewalks. Although you can find some good off road hoverboards with larger tires.
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