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Knowing how to clean a commercial coffee maker with vinegar is essential for any blooming business making delicious coffee for customers. While the process is slightly different for these models, it’s an easy concept to grasp.


  • You’ll begin by creating a vinegar solution for your Bunn coffee appliance. From there, start detaching all components to clean them independently.
  • After this, reattach the components and begin the process of cleaning the appliance itself. You’ll end the process by running fresh water through your appliance.
  • Routine cleaning is crucial so you can ensure every pot of coffee you brew is as good as the last. Quality ground coffee is essential, but a clean machine is paramount.

The best coffee maker produces the perfect cup of coffee every morning. To keep your brew cycle going strong, you need to keep up with maintenance. A proper cleaning routine is the best way to do so.

Guide to Cleaning Commercial Coffee Brewers

The easiest way to go about the deep cleaning of a Bunn coffee maker is to create a homemade cleaning solution. They’re cheap, easy, and always available when you need to perform coffee machine cleaning.

Several methods work for coffee machine cleaning. Some of them might raise a few eyebrows. For example, knowing how to clean a coffee maker with denture tablets is a surprising but effective way to go about the process.

Insider Tip

Using high-quality ground coffee is the best way to ensure your Bunn coffee maker produces a fantastic brew.


To start the cleaning process, mix up your ingredients. Pour your hot water into a separate container, along with a couple of cups of white vinegar. Next, put a few drops of mild dish soap into the solution.


Turn the appliance off to avoid electrocution. Dismantle the spray head by turning it until it pops off, and set it aside. You can soak it in warm water if you’d like.


Remove any coffee filters, and toss the coffee grounds in the trash. Wipe down the filter basket with your damp microfiber cloth. You can also remove the filter basket to soak if you prefer.


Fill the carafe with water, vinegar, and mild dish soap. Allow it to soak so that any coffee stains present will soften. Use a dish sponge to remove the softened stains.


Check the spray head for mineral deposits. Use a toothpick to dislodge anything stuck in the spray head. Do the same thing with all detachable components, including the spray tube, steam wand, or drip tray.


Now, pour the solution from earlier into your water reservoir. You’ll then start the brewing cycle like you usually would, with the coffee pot back in place to catch the water.


Run the vinegar solution through your commercial coffee machine until it comes out clear. Then replace the steam wand, drip tray, and other components. Run one last cycle with fresh water to clear out any lingering residue.


You should now have a clean machine ready for the next brew cycle. If your commercial coffee maker has a funky smell, then learning how to clean mold from a coffee maker is a worthwhile investment of your time. However, if you can’t seem to get the mold cleaned out, you will need to get a new machine. For that, you can read our article about the best commercial coffee makers. Or if espresso is more your cup, you can have a look at our top-rated commercial espresso machines.


Mineral buildup can ruin your coffee brewer, so make sure you use a water filter if you have hard water at home.


What are essential barista supplies for a Bunn coffee maker?

There are a few supplies every barista needs on hand:

  • Commercial coffee grinder
  • Coffee and espresso machines
  • Professional coffee equipment cleaner

How do I keep coffee beans from going stale?

If you’re having trouble with bad-tasting drinks, stale coffee grounds could be to blame. Make sure that whole beans are kept in airtight containers and use them within an appropriate timeframe.

Is using a descaling solution important for my Bunn coffee maker?

Water deposits can be left behind if you have hard tap water. In this case, a descaling solution should be a part of your regular cleaning solution. Otherwise, use a descaler for coffee machines once a month.

Is a Bunn coffee maker worth the investment?

A Bunn coffee maker is often a commercial coffee machine, although they offer several home-usage models. Bunn was the original inventor of automatic drip coffee makers.

STAT: Low to moderate doses of caffeine (50–300 mg) may cause increased alertness, energy, and ability to concentrate. (source)

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