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How To Choose A Hoverboard

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Updated November 15, 2021

Hoverboards can be fun and exciting to use, though most shoppers start out wondering how to choose the most ideal hoverboard for them. Luckily, it’s easier than it seems if you follow the tips below. You’ll be sure to find the perfect hoverboard for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Hoverboard

Types of Hoverboard

There are two main types of hoverboard to choose from: the two-wheel model and the one-wheel model. Single-wheel models are faster and cater to more advanced users. The most popular are the two-wheel models. Two-wheel hoverboards are the easiest to control and the best choice for beginners. Within the two-wheel category of self-balancing scooters, models have different wheel sizes that impact its performance.

Age, Weight, and Speed Recommendations

Most consumer hoverboards are generally rated for use from ages eight and up. The most important spec to look at is the weight rating of the hoverboard. All self-balancing scooters will indicate a minimum and maximum weight for use. The minimum weight begins at 44 pounds, while the max weight can be over 200 pounds. The hoverboard’s speed rating will indicate how fast you can travel.

Hoverboard Safety Standards

All hoverboards sold in the U.S. must attain UL product certification, which holds manufacturers to a certain level of safety standards. Still, it is important to use the device properly and follow instructions for operation and charging. Do not leave your hoverboard charging for much longer than it needs to avoid a potential fire hazard. Make sure you wear protective gear, like a helmet, when operating the hoverboard.

Performance and Battery Life

Hoverboard performance varies depending on the mode and how you use it. Wheel size impacts the type of terrain you can ride on and the overall riding experience. Battery life can range from eight to 20 hours of operation before needing to recharge. Consider how, where, and for how long you want to use your hoverboard to make sure you get a model that suits your needs. Most importantly, it is crucial to know the ease of changing the charging port of your device before you buy.


Generally, entry-level hoverboards and those geared towards kids are the most affordable. Bigger and more powerful scooters can range from a few hundred dollars and more. Adults who want to use their hoverboard for commuting can find a solid, dependable model with a midrange price.


Which hoverboards are safe to buy?

All hoverboards sold in the U.S. must meet UL product safety standards. Make sure you are purchasing a device from a reputable seller and a trusted brand. It is much safer to buy a new product, as some older models have been recalled before implementing these safety standards.

What should I look for in a hoverboard for kids?

In shopping for a hoverboard for children, safety is the largest factor. This includes making sure that operation is easy, that the hoverboard won’t travel too fast, and that the device is made by a reputable company.

What age is appropriate for riding a hoverboard?

Hoverboards can be fun and safe to use for children eight years-old and up. It is important to check the minimum weight requirements of the self-balancing scooter to make sure your child is heavy enough to ride it safely.

How fast will a hoverboard go?

The speed of a hoverboard is different for each model, which is why it’s important to look carefully at the specs of a device before purchasing. Generally, hoverboards travel at six to eight miles per hour.

How hard is it to ride a hoverboard?

The key to riding a hoverboard is to balance your body weight to control and maneuver the device. While it feels unusual at first, most riders become comfortable after a little practice in a controlled, safe area.