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How to Check Your Webcam Resolution

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Default resolution is a big part of what makes the best webcams out there better than the rest. After all, the resolution does dictate quite a bit about overall image quality. If you’re wondering how to check your webcam resolution, keep reading, and we’ll teach you how.


  • If you are having issues with poor video quality, then you might want to look into the maximum resolution your webcam is capable of for the reason why.
  • You first need to set up your webcam and then take a photo of yourself using it.
  • Once you have that photo, you can check its details to determine your webcam’s resolution.
  • You can also use a free online service to test your webcam’s resolution.

What Resolution is My Webcam?

Just like knowing how to check your webcam history, understanding how to find the default resolution is important. This can help you tweak your internal or external webcam to improve image quality. If you learned how to clean your webcam lens and the picture still seems blurry, it might be an issue with the video resolution.

Insider Tip

Having a higher resolution allows you to obtain a more acceptable video quality.

STEP 1 Set Up Your Webcam

First, you’re going to ensure your external webcam is set up properly and working. Simply plug it in and make sure it’s providing a video feed. If you’re using an integrated webcam, you can skip this step.

STEP 2 Open Your Webcam’s Software

Next, open up your image capture software of choice, such as Photobooth or the software your webcam came with. If you’re unhappy with the video quality, learn how to change webcam settings.

STEP 3 Take a Photo of Yourself

You’ll then need to take a photo of yourself using your internal or external webcam. Once this is done, navigate to where the photo is kept in your files.

STEP 4 Look at the Image’s Properties to Find the Resolution

Right-click on the image and select “Properties” or “Get Info.” From there, you can tell the resolution just by looking at the file size. For example, a webcam with a 1080p video resolution will have a height of 1080 pixels.


A built-in laptop webcam will normally have a fairly low resolution, resulting in a lower-quality picture.

STEP 5 Alternatively, Use a Free Online Service

There are also websites that will automatically check your resolution for you. Simply open a web browser and search for “webcam resolution test” and pick from the results. Once you’re satisfied, consider learning how to create a background for your webcam.

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How to Check Your Webcam Resolution FAQs

What are frame rates?

Frame rates dictate how smoothly a video will play. Essentially, it’s how many pictures are able to be displayed in a second. This is what helps produce an acceptable video quality.

What are the most common resolutions?

While there are other resolutions out there, the three most common are HD ready (720p or 1280 x 720 pixles), full HD (1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixels), and ultra-high definition (4K or 3840 x 2160 pixels).

Is a built-in laptop webcam good quality?

If you’re looking for a crystal-clear video feed, you won’t find one with a built-in webcam. An integrated webcam is best for quick video chats rather than recording content or having professional meetings.

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