How to Change Webcam Settings

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Updated August 10, 2022

The best webcams might be no better than useless if you don’t know how to change webcam settings. This allows for complete customization and can improve video quality in general. You don’t need expensive webcams for this if you know how to tweak different settings. Keep reading to learn how.


  • Learning how to change your webcam settings will allow you to make video calls more confidently, knowing your image is pristine.
  • The steps involved in accessing your webcam are short and straightforward. You first need to open your Camera application using the search bar.
  • From there, all you do is open up the settings by clicking on the cogwheel on the lefthand side of your screen.

How Do I Change My Webcam Settings?

Yes, built-in laptop webcams have settings you can tweak and change built into the computer itself. However, an external webcam might have different settings in the software you download. While figuring this out, another handy thing you can do is learn how to check your webcam resolution or even how to check your webcam history.

Insider Tip

Most video calling software will have extra settings that you can adjust independently of the settings on your computer.

STEP 1 Open Your Camera App

First, click the start button and type “Camera” into the search box. From there, you will select the application that pops up.

STEP 2 Open the Settings Menu

Now, look for the cogwheel button on the left side of the screen. This will open up the “settings menu” and allow you to play with them as you wish.

STEP 3 Adjust Settings

Once you’re in “settings,” begin adjusting your settings. You can do things like adjusting brightness, changing resolution, and even more. Play with each default setting until it’s perfect.

STEP 4 Test Your Settings

You now know how to improve video quality by changing the contrast, resolution, or brightness setting. Make sure you test-run your new settings before your next video conferencing session.


If you use built-in cameras, you might be stuck with lower image clarity than with a higher-quality external webcam.

Why Change Webcam Settings?

There are a few reasons you might want to change the settings. You can get better video quality, for example, or even optimize your webcam for software like Google Hangouts. The best part is that it’s super easy to do. In fact, it’s relatively similar to learning how to change the default webcam on Windows 10.

STAT: During the first quarter of 2017, it was found that 66 percent of men and 73 percent of women aged 25 to 34 years made online calls via webcam. (Source)

How to Change Webcam Settings FAQs

How do I enable or disable my webcam?

You can enable your webcam in the settings section of your computer. From there, simply navigate to where the webcam settings are located and enable your webcam.

What does a webcam do?

A webcam allows you to share a video feed of yourself in real-time with other people. It also allows you to record yourself for any number of reasons, such as presentations or tutorials.

How can I look better on my webcam?

The first thing you should do is avoid awful webcams. Instead, invest in HD webcams that provide high image quality. You should also clean up the area behind you.

Are built-in cameras okay to use?

If you don’t want to invest in an external webcam device, using your laptop's built-in version is acceptable. You might just not be able to get stunning image quality.
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