How to Change the Name on Your WiFi Network

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Updated August 8, 2022
How to Change Your Router's WiFi Name
We’ll teach you in 7 quick steps how to change your router’s WiFi Name

If the default name of your good router’s wireless network seems a little dull, you can learn how to spice things up a bit with this handy guide which will quickly (and easily) explain how to change your WiFi Network’s name. While you are here learn about the best router for gaming.

More importantly, if you’re surrounded by a number of other wireless routers around your apartment or home, this can make things confusing for anyone who tries to connect to the network but isn’t sure which one is the right one to link up to. This is especially true if you’re unsure how a wireless router works. For another way to upgrade your internet, take a look at our Mohu Bounce WiFi Enhancer review or our leading VPN routers, too.

To remedy this issue, it’s recommended to change the name of your router’s WiFi network to something unique, but also easily recognizable to any guests who come over to visit.

Things You’ll Need

  • A laptop or desktop computer connected to the router (wireless or wired)
  • Your router’s IP added (usually or
  • Your router’s admin password (check the bottom or try defaults such as “password”)

How to Change Your Router’s Default WiFi Name


1. Log in to the Router’s Dashboard

Router Login for Linksys
This is for a Linksys router, but might work for your router’s brand.

To start, you’ll need to begin by opening up your router’s dashboard.  To do this you’ll likely have to enter the router’s admin URL, or an IP address (e.g. or

2. Wireless Settings Tab

Next, navigate to the “Wireless” tab. This may be called something else depending on the model of your router, but in this example, we’ll be changing the name on our Linksys WRT 1900ACS Dual-Band router.

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3. Set the Network Name

Once in the wireless tab, it’s here you’ll see the current name of your network.

4. Standard Name to Note


More often than not, by default, your router might feature a standard label out of the box like “Linksys9802” (if you’re using a Linksys-brand router), or something similar.

5. The Name Change

To change this, you simply need to select the old name, hit delete, and type whatever you’d like in there.
Pro tip: your neighbors and guests will see this (even if they aren’t connecting), so feel free to imply or inspire with the name (e.g. NoFreeBeer).

6. Dual Frequency Routers


It’s important to note that depending on the model of router you have, you might also need to individually change the name of both your 2.4Ghz network as well as your 5Ghz.

7. Final Step

After this is completed, you can hit the “Apply” (or “Save) button, and your router will automatically reboot. Rejoin the new network once the router finishes its cycle, and you’re done!  Just make sure you know your router’s WiFi password.

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