How to Set Your Mouse DPI to 800

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Updated December 5, 2022

The best computer mouse will allow users to program various specs to help users achieve their ideal setup. These programmable functions are vital to the success of gamers, who often need amplified precision and sensitivity to help compete; this is why many of the best gaming mice have enhanced DPI sensitivity settings. Below, we’ll explain how to set your mouse DPI to 800.


  • A mouse’s DPI determines how many points it can reach in one inch; the greater the number, the more sensitive the control.
  • Pro gamers tend to set their mouse DPI between 800-1,600 because it can help them perform commands faster.
  • Changing the DPI requires entering a computer’s OS and changing the mouse preferences from within the settings menu.

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Insider Tip

It’s important to remember that the shape of the mouse and how you grip it factor into the sensitivity levels you should set your mouse to.

How to Get 800 DPI on Mouse

Whether you play competitively or just for fun, many wonder how they can make their mouse better for gaming. DPI settings are a vital way to increase your mouse sensitivity and the ability to aim, shoot, and navigate the terrain of your favorite game.

DPI stands for “Dots Per Inch.” The term originated with printing devices measuring how many dots appeared in a single photo inch. But with computers, it refers to the amount of dots or points, your mouse can reach in one inch. The more dots, the more sensitive and precise a mouse is.

Gamers tend to require an 800 DPI, and pro gamers use up to 1600 DPI. However, setting a game sensitivity is always a matter of personal preference. Below we’ll list a few ways to set the DPI for the most common computer OS systems or with a mouse’s dedicated DPI button.

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Set DPI with Windows/PC

STEP 1 Find the Current DPI

Check your user manual and find the default DPI. If you don’t have the user manual handy, look online on the manufacturer’s website.

STEP 2 Open Mouse Settings

Go into the Windows search bar and type in “Settings.” Then, press “Bluetooth and Devices.” Next, scroll down and find the option for your mouse. Then click on it to open the mouse settings.

STEP 3 Set Mouse Sensitivity

Under “Related Settings,” press the option that says “Additional Mouse Options.” This action opens a window. At the top, press “Pointer Options.” A sliding scale will set your mouse speed higher or lower. Set the speed faster and then press “Apply.”

STEP 4 Test Out the Speed

After setting the speed, test it out to make sure it’s to your liking. Then, if you want to change it, repeat steps 2-3 until you find a suitable speed.

Set DPI With Apple

STEP 1 Open the Mouse Settings

Go into the computer settings and select “System Preferences.” Next, find the option that says “Mouse” and click it.

STEP 2 Set DPI Level

Find the DPI sliding scale and set it lower or higher depending on your personal preference. Then close out the mouse settings and test your new sensitivity level. If you want to change it, repeat the process until you find a game sensitivity that works for you.

Use DPI Set Button

STEP 1 Locate DPI Set Button

Specific gaming mouse models have a designated button to set the DPI, usually underneath the rotation wheel. If you need help finding or are unsure if your mouse has the DPI button, check the user manufacturer manual/website to confirm.


Press the DPI change button. A display screen will appear on the computer screen showing the new DPI level. Keep pressing the button until you reach the desired level.


Many don’t like the mouse movement of a high DPI. It can often be too sensitive, making navigating a regular computer task/browsing difficult.

STAT: The highest DPI offered with a gaming mouse is 26,000. (source)

How to Set Your Mouse DPI to 800 FAQs

What is a mouse polling rate, and is it different from DPI?

The polling rate is also a measure of a mouse's sensitivity. However, it measures the amount a mouse updates its position rather than the amount of dots it travels per inch.

Does a mouse with a laser sensor have a higher DPI?

Laser sensors are more sensitive and therefore tend to have a higher DPI than mice with optical sensors.

Is using a DPI lower than 800 bad for gaming?

It all depends o the game and personal preference. Yes, most pro gamers use a high DPI to optimize gameplay, but it doesn't make using less than 800 DPI inherently bad for gaming.
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