How to change a Gaming Mouse’s LED Color

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Updated February 10, 2023

Gamers, streamers, and general computer fanatics should always are looking out for the best computer mouse. And one feature of the market’s top gaming mice is programmable LED lighting. Below, we’ll explain how to change a gaming mouse’s LED color and share tips and tricks on putting together the perfect color scheme to match your style.


  • Gaming mice often come with programmable LED lights through the mouse’s software app.
  • Gamers can use the manufacturer’s mouse settings to change the RGB lighting and set various effects.
  • Users can set up multiple color profiles using the mouse’s built-in onboard memory.

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Insider Tip

Always ensure the mouse is plugged in or connected via Bluetooth or a wireless USB receiver before beginning the light-changing process.

How to Change the Color of a Gaming Mouse

Changing the color of your gaming mouse is a great way to stand out and create a personalized image. Many gaming mouse companies, like Logitech, offer dedicated interfaces for users to enter and change settings, including the RGB color scheme.

Let’s take a look at how to change the LED light settings on a Logitech mouse. Many of these steps will look the same across many gaming mouse brands. But remember that this guide deals specifically with Logitech. Therefore, some steps might differ, and you should consult your user manual to confirm the proper steps.

Once you’ve found that perfect color setup, you can store it as one of many profiles so that it transfers to any computer you plug into. If you want to learn more, head to our article explaining what mouse onboard memory is.

Lastly, for gamers to achieve peak optimization, they need to buy the right type of mouse to match the speed of their gameplay. So, we have a helpful guide explaining what an FPS mouse is and why this style helps some gamers get better results.

STEP 1 Install Logitech Software App

Plug in (or wirelessly connect) your mouse. Then download the driver and software.

STEP 2 Navigate to Gaming Settings

Perform the following sequence to enter the Logitech mouse gaming settings (starting from your computer’s home screen):

  1. Start Menu
  2. (Search for) All Programs
  3. Open Logitech
  4. Click on Logitech Gaming Software

STEP 3 Select the LED Lights Profile

Most gaming mice come with onboard memory, allowing users to create up to five settings profiles. Then, at the right-hand side of the screen, select the profile you wish to update.

STEP 4 Select Colors

The Logitech gaming software window will bring up a diagram of the mouse.

Select from the various mouse lights; usually, there will be a primary and logo light. After selecting, a color wheel will appear. You can choose from the different color options and set up the RGB lighting according to your preferences.

STEP 5 Choose Effects and Save

Users can choose a handful of color modes, like having the lights pulse at different colors, speeds, and brightness levels. Finally, save your changes and exit the interface.


Before purchasing a gaming mouse, always check your hand size in relation to the mouse. Many users accidentally purchase a mouse that is an unfit size and experience hand/wrist pain as a result.

STAT: The nature of LED lights allows users to select from 16.7 million different colors. (source)

How to change a Gaming Mouse's LED Color FAQs

Can I change my keyboard's RBG lighting in the same application?

Unified RGB settings depend on whether your mouse/keyboard is of the same brand. But still, not all brands offer a unified interface across devices.

Does RBG lighting improve gameplay?

Mouse lighting is more about aesthetics. But keyboard lighting can help highlight specific keys, potentially improving reaction time.

Does a gaming mouse cost more?

It all depends on the brand and features. Typically, however, a gaming mouse costs more because they are of higher quality.
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