How to Bypass a VPN Block

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Updated August 29, 2022

People want your data if you use the internet, no matter how bland it is. The best VPNs allow users to protect sensitive information and thwart hackers, internet service providers, businesses, and government censorship. But unfortunately, many of these data-collectors know how to block VPNs to continue tracking your data with impunity. This article will show you how to bypass a VPN blocker so your internet traffic remains secure regardless of restrictions.


  • Streaming websites, government censors, offices, and school networks often implement a variety of VPN restrictions.
  • There are multiple ways to bypass VPN blocks, like changing server locations or obtaining a unique IP address.
  • Research the available VPN service offerings before subscribing to ensure they provide ways of getting past blockers.

If you’re serious about increasing data security measures and want to invest in a good VPN, look into our article explaining how much VPNs cost. And if you want to go with more affordable options, we have another resource outlining the cheapest VPNs.

Insider Tip

Look for VPNs that feature connections that automatically switch between international servers to provide greater security.

How to Bypass VPN Blockers

Certain websites, businesses, and governments go to great lengths to block VPN connections. Such behavior usually stems from people wanting a look into what you’re doing online for a variety of reasons. This battle over your data is why VPN servers take data and add a layer of encryption, preventing your online activities from being recorded and used for profit or worse.

VPN usage bypasses site-blockers and online censorship as it passes data and dedicated IP addresses through a separate server which obfuscates all user info. Those looking to protect their online identity can also read our article on how to change an IP address without a VPN.

Because VPNs do an excellent job at securing data, it’s no wonder why many look to prevent internet users from taking advantage of them. But, while there are many ways to block VPN security, there are many options to get past them.

Switch to a Different Server Location

Check your VPN provider’s server list to see the location of their network servers. Switching your internet connection to a proxy server in a different country is one of the easiest ways to get around VPN blockers. Those wanting to learn more can check out our dedicated article on changing VPN locations.


Many free VPN services contain malware that is purposed to steal private data, so be extra vigilant when selecting a free VPN.

Use an Obfuscated Server

Streaming services, websites, and governments often compile lists of major VPN IP addresses, which tips them off when VPN users try accessing certain parts of the internet that would otherwise be restricted. However, you can cover your tracks by connecting to a virtual private network that encrypts its IP address. This extra encryption allows your traffic to slip past monitors.

Remember that not all services do this, so ensure that the service you use uses obfuscated servers before subscribing.

Purchase a Dedicated IP Address

VPN users can purchase unique IP addresses for a fee. These separate IP addresses often evade security protocol because individual connections don’t pop up on the radars of data monitors. However, like obfuscated servers, this feature is available with only certain VPN services.

STAT: A study showed that 56% of people who use VPNs watch Netflix content that is otherwise restricted in their home country. (source)

How to Bypass a VPN Block FAQs

Why does Netflix block VPN services?

Like most streaming sites, Netflix’s content is blocked in certain countries. However, VPNs let users jump the fence and access the blocked content, which is why Netflix tries stopping them.

Are free VPNs any good?

While some free VPNs are completely harmless, many free versions find ways to collect your data. Others are outright intended to implement malware and steal private information.

Is it legal to bypass VPN blocks?

You should always check the laws based on your country. Still, in most cases, government agencies don’t institute legal punishment for bypassing VPN blocks.
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