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How to Brew Coffee in a Moka Pot

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Updated February 12, 2023

Knowing how to brew coffee in a Moka pot allows you to skip the expensive espresso machine and still brew better coffee. These models craft smooth, strong coffee that follows the basics of espresso taste and feel. This is an excellent method for any coffee lover who has extra time and wants to try a new brewing method.


  • You’ll first measure out your coffee grinds. From there, fill the pot with cold or hot water, place it on the heat source, and wait for the brewing process to finish.
  • The heat source should be kept at a relatively high temperature so that the extraction process happens appropriately and doesn’t ruin your Italian coffee.
  • The brewing process for this type of coffee should only take a few minutes from start to finish, but it is more involved than simpler methods.

Today, you’ll learn how to brew with the best coffee maker for delicious espresso-like coffee. Get your coffee beans ready, and keep reading.

What are Moka Pots?

An Italian engineer, Alfonso Bialetti, first invented the Moka pot. This traditional method of brewing coffee requires a little extra brew time, but the resultant cups of coffee are well worth it. It’s best known for crafting delicious espresso-like coffee. Also, if you are curious, you can read about how a Moka pot works. Additionally, you may want to learn more about how to use a stovetop coffee maker.

If you want to explore another unique type of coffee, learning how to make Crio Bru in a coffee maker will open you up to new experiences. Alternatively, if you want to try another delicious alternative, you can check out our article on how to make Cuban coffee with an espresso machine.

Insider Tip

Make sure you clean all parts of Moka pots regularly to avoid wear and tear. This includes the rubber gasket, safety valve, and coffee basket.

How to Brew Coffee in a Moka Pot

Tools Needed: Finely ground coffee, Moka pot, gas stove, glass stove, electric stove


First, make sure you use the right grind size. Don’t use an espresso grind or a coarse grind like you would for drip pot coffee. Instead, use a fine to medium grind. Measure out 25 grams of coffee.


Now, fill the base chamber with cold water right below the steam release valve. Moka pots come with instructions that let you know how full the water chamber needs to be. The coffee-to-water ratio is essential no matter the brew methods you choose, so make sure to fill the water chamber as directed.


Pour the coffee basket with coffee grounds. You’ll then use your finger to make the coffee grounds level. Make sure that you don’t pack it down. You should not pack down the bed of grinds.


Once you have the coffee grounds level, place a filter into the filter basket chamber as directed by your brand’s instructions. Put the upper chamber back on your stovetop coffee maker.


Place your stovetop coffee maker on your burner over high-medium heat. Using excessive heat will cause bitter over-extracted coffee, while medium-low heat will under-extract your coffee brews. Listen for a gurgling sound, which happens from steady steam pressure from the actual valve.


Remove your pot of coffee from heat. Once you remove the pot from heat, pour a steady stream of coffee into espresso cups to enjoy it authentically.


Use warm water to clean your Moka brewer thoroughly so that it’s ready for the next usage, whether that’s a brewing process or a different purpose. For example, learning how to boil water in a coffee maker is another way to utilize your coffee machine.


Is coffee build-up bad for Moka pots?

There’s a mix of opinions. Some people believe that this “seasons” your Moka brewer by building a layer of flavor. However, these leftover coffee grounds are over-extracted when making the next cup of coffee and cause a bitter taste.

Do Bialetti Moka pots make espresso or coffee?

You may hear “stovetop espresso maker” used to describe Bialetti Moka pots. They don’t create true espresso, however. Instead, they make strong, espresso-like coffee.

What grind size is correct for Moka pots?

These appliances require a finer grind than average drip coffee grounds. Preferably, you’ll use a Burr coffee grinder to ensure you can get your coffee a little finer than a regular grinder can.

How do you clean Moka pots?

Allow your appliance to cool down completely before cleaning. Once it is, take it apart and clean all loose grounds from the filter basket chamber. There are several cleaning solutions available.

STAT: In 2020, over 35 million Germans over the age of 14 reported that they preferred filter coffee better than coffee makers using pods or capsules. (source)


Exercise caution when handling hot water or coffee. Use hand protection to avoid burning yourself, even if you’re only using moderate heat.

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