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Difficulty Simple
Steps 5
Time Required 15 minutes
Tools Needed 1-gallon Pitcher

Learning how to boil water in a coffee maker can help you in a pinch. If you lack another heating element, such as a stove, the ability to fall back on your coffee appliance is priceless.


  • To boil water with a pot of coffee, clean your coffee pot thoroughly to remove any residual ground coffee beans that would contaminate your water.
  • You’ll never reach the boiling point with a basic drip coffee maker. If you’re under a boil water advisory, this might not be the best method.
  • Overall, using a coffee machine to boil water isn’t the most efficient technique. Instead, using something like the saucepan method will work far better.

The best coffee maker is suitable for far more than turning cold water and coffee beans into a cup of coffee. If you need hot water for any reason, investing in the right system provides a fantastic fallback. Additionally, for convenience, there are machines that can be connected to a water line so you don’t have to manually fill the reservoir every time you want coffee. While you are at it, if your machine uses it, make sure the charcoal filter is in good shape. We even have an article you can read about how often to change the charcoal filter in your coffee maker.

Instructions for Heating Water in a Coffee Pot

Most of the time, any basic coffee maker works. If you don’t have access to a stove, then a stovetop coffee maker, like a French Press coffee system, obviously won’t work. You’ll want to account for the altitude and how that affects reaching an ideal temperature.

Insider Tip

If you have access to a stove, the saucepan method is a far better way to sterilize water during a boil water advisory.

Keep in mind that there is a maximum brewing temperature for your drip coffee maker. To understand more about how these machines use water, check out our article on how a coffee maker pumps water. Likewise, the only way to truly boil your water is with a stovetop model. Even then, if you have access to a stove, then a saucepan method is more efficient.

Understanding how to brew coffee in a Moka pot will help you reach the perfect temperature far more quickly than with a regular type of coffee maker.

Tools Needed: Stovetop or countertop coffee maker, bottled water, a cup of water from your tap, coffee filter, heat source


First, you’ll need to clean your stovetop or countertop, coffee maker. Failing to do so can result in gross, murky water. Avid coffee drinkers use their appliances regularly, so there’ll be residual coffee oil and grounds. On that note, if you’ve ever wondered, “How should I grind my coffee for a coffee maker?” we have a great article explaining the process. However, if you want to make a delicious coffee alternative, we have an article on how to brew Crio Bru in a coffee maker.


After the cleaning, put in a new coffee filter and fill the water reservoir with cold water. Run your system with nothing but cold water to make sure it’s clear. If the hot water in your coffee cup or bowl is clear, you’re good to move on to the next step.


From there, it’s a matter of making your hot water. You can use tap or bottled water for this. Pour your cup of water into the clean water reservoir if you’re using a drip coffee maker or Keurig. Place a filter in your filter basket for an extra measure against contamination. Press the brew button to begin the brewing cycle.


After the brewing time is up, you should have water safe for consumption. Remove the pot from your hot plate, and use it however you like. If you’re making a cup of noodles or oatmeal, leave it steeping for longer than you usually would. The brewing temperature is not the optimum temperature for this task. Because of this, it’ll take a little longer for your food to reach an acceptable temperature.


When a boil water advisory is in effect, it is crucial that you listen to the health officials and do not drink or use contaminated water.


Are drip coffee makers a suitable method for boiling water?

As an overall method, it’s acceptable to provide hot water. However, it isn’t the most efficient method. The biggest reason for this is the presence of leftover coffee grounds contaminating your cups of water.

Are there benefits to coffee maker maximum temperatures?

Crafting the perfect cup of coffee requires attention to detail. One of these details is water temperature. Even stronger, Turkish style coffee needs to be kept right below a rolling boil. If you’re looking for a smoother brew, temperature control is critical.

What would happen if coffee makers used boiling coffee?

As mentioned above, you would end up ruining the flavor of coffee you’re trying to capture, and brewing under the optimum temperature results in flat, under-extracted coffee. Brewing above will create bitter, acrid coffee.

Can you drink tap water during a boil water advisory?

When water is unsafe to drink, you need to find a way to sterilize it. A boil water advisory means that your tap water is no longer safe. So, yes, but only under the condition that you’re able to boil it thoroughly before using it for cooking or drinking.

STAT: In 2017, 10% of Canadian households received a boil water advisory. (source)

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