How to Bake in the Microwave

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Updated February 11, 2023

Microwaves were created by accident, but since their commercial release in 1947, developments have led the best microwaves to rival their appliance siblings. Now, microwaves come with grill and bake settings, making them a great alternative to baking in ovens. In this article, we will explain how to bake in the microwave. But, cooking times will vary, especially if you’re using a good speed-cooking microwave. And should you be looking for information on installing an overhead microwave, check out this resource that answers the question of how high a microwave should be above a range.


  • Using the convection setting on your microwave, it’s possible to bake things just as you would with a regular oven.
  • The convection setting allows you to bake bread, cake, pizza, baked potatoes, etc.
  • The convection setting uses a heating element and fan to bake, resulting in a similar cooking time to regular ovens.

Understanding the Convection Setting

Many microwaves have a built-in convection oven setting. The convection oven button is found on the control panel. The convection setting transitions your microwave from using microwave radiation to heat water particles to using a heating element alongside a circulating fan to cook anything from baked potatoes to cornbread to beef wellington. Also, you can check out our article here to learn how to do bacon in the microwave.

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Insider Tip

It’s recommended that, when baking with a microwave, set the temperature 25 degrees (Fahrenheit) lower than you would set an oven.

How to Bake in a Microwave


Insert the shelf or rack (this should be a short rack) that came with your microwave. The shelf ensures proper airflow for even an even and thorough bake.


Press the convection button on your microwave; this should bring up the preheat settings.


Set to the proper temperature, and wait until the microwave indicates that the preheat is complete.


Once complete, set the item you wish to bake in the microwave and set the timer.


When the timer goes off, take the item out and test to see if it’s baked to completion.


If your item needs additional baking time, simply hit the convection again and go through the steps. You won’t have to preheat again if you do this immediately after the timer goes off. Still, if you wait a few minutes, you’ll need to wait until the microwave has fully reheated again.


Keep adding on minutes of cooking time until baked to perfection.


When using the convection setting, never use paper or wood dishes, even if labeled as microwave safe. Use only what you would typically use for baking.


What types of benefits come with a convection microwave?

Users claim that the convection setting is a time saver, resulting in a faster cooking process because of reduced prep time. They also reduce energy and allow for the potential to save space if you’re looking to get rid of your oven.

Are microwave ovens safe for health?

Modern microwaves are safe, but users must make sure they cook with a microwave-safe plate or dish.

Who should purchase convection microwave ovens?

Convection microwave ovens are a perfect alternative to a regular oven for those who have limited kitchen space or no kitchen at all.

STAT: Microwaves use nearly 75% less energy than conventional ovens. (source)

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