How To Automatically Upload Photos To Dropbox from Your iPhone (how to)

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Updated June 27, 2022

Dropbox Photo Upload How To

Photostream for iOS can automaticlaly distribute your photos to all of your Apple connected devices.  Turning on the service simply requires that you visit Settings>iCloud and then hit the Photostream switch.  And while the service launched alongside iCloud, which offers 5GB of storage space for free, it does not, I repeat DOES NOT count towards your allowed storage.  Nevertheless, Photostream is only designed to store the last 1000 photos captured in your Photostream on any connected iOS device (it will download an unlimited amount to your computer).  Sure, that’s a massive number of photos, but after a few trips abroad and many a birthdays that number might not seem quite so big. Furthermore, if you decide to change devices (Android or Windows), you’ll be left out in the cold.  The alternative?  Dropbox. Now all the work you’ve been creating since our Adobe Illustrator Draw review will have a place on your device.

Dropbox isn’t a new service, but in recent they’ve began to offer additional space for those willing to upload their photos to the file sharing service.  First off, Dropbox is free.  Once you sign up you’ll get 2GB of storage in the cloud.  Don’t worry, you can earn more space by referring friends (500MB), opting to add your photos to the service (2GB), and a myriad of other ways to earn free space.  That said, you can pay for additional space starting at just $10 a month, but since we’re trying to accomplish something similar to that of Photostream we’ll stick with the freemium model for now. For another fun app for the iPhone, you might find the free nudfier app (makes your friends naked) review fun to download for a laugh.


How to add photos to Dropbox automatically:

Dropbox PhotoStream1

  1. First sign up for a Dropbox account at their website
  2. Next, download the Dropbox iOS app ($0).
  3. You’ll then want to open the app and use the same login information your provided when you signed up
  4. Once you do that the Dropbox app will ask you if you want to automatically upload your photos to Dropbox
  5. Simply select ENABLE in the top right corner and your photos will be uploaded to your Dropbox folder
  6. You’ll want to select either SAVE ALL or ONLY NEW.  SAVE ALL will upload all of your existing photos, while ONLY NEW while only upload photos that are capture after this point.
  7. By default you’ll start with a PHOTOS and PUBLIC folder.  However, once you automatically upload a photo, you’ll see a folder called CAMERA UPLOADS.  This will contain all of your automatic photo uploads.
  8. If want to turn off this feature, you can simply go to SETTINGS>CAMERA UPLOAD and tap the Camera Upload switch to off.   Also found in this menu is an option to upload photos over a cellular connection.  If this is set to off, photos will only upload when you’re connected to WiFi.

How to manually upload photos and vide0s to Dropbox:

Dropbox Photo Stream Manual Upload 650x437 1

  1. Select UPLOADS in the bottom menu.  You might have to tap it twice to return to the main UPLOAD folder
  2. Once there tap the PLUS symbol in the top left corner
  3. Next you’ll see all of your photos and videos.  Select the photo(s) or video(s) you want to upload
  4. Before you hit the UPLOAD button in the top right corner make sure the DESTINATION or FOLDER is correct. This is located at the very bottom of the screen.
  5. To change the DESTINATION FOLDER tap the FOLDER and then select where you’d like the uploaded files to go.

So at this point you’ve now got an alternative repository to store your photos.  You can easily share the folders with friends and family who can access the files from anywhere.  You’ll need to visit the DROPBOX website to share the folders, but it’s a simple point and click process that won’t take more than a minute.  Also, keep in mind that you can use DROPBOX’s auto photo upload feature alongside PHOTOSTREAM, so really you’ll have the best of both worlds. And just in case you own a Mac, you will also be interested in the best free antivirus software tools for Mac that will keep your data safe and secure. You will also like some of the most important apps that are featured on our review of 10 of the best free Mac apps. And if your iPad needs a makeover, why not get rid of those stale old apps and download the latest and best iPad apps.

You can sign up for Dropbox here.

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