How to Assemble a Standing Fan

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Updated February 10, 2023

If you are just getting into personal cooling appliances, you may want to learn how to assemble a standing fan. Some of the best fans, after all, are standing models and they typically require assembly before initial use. So, what are the best ways to do this so you can get the fan up and running as soon as possible? Keep reading to find out.


  • There are many standing fans out there, each with different assembly instructions.
  • Dig out the instructions of your pedestal fan or perform a web search to find a suitable PDF, or look for a YouTube video.
  • In most cases, start with the base, followed by the motor head, power supply, power plug or genuine power cord, blades, rear guard, and front guard.

How to Put a Fan Together

Every fan features a different design, which you notice when learning how to fix a stand fan. In other words, these instructions may not be exact to your specific model, if you recently learned how to clean a fan with a plastic bag. Your best bet is to search out the instructions accompanying the fan, which you would also do when learning how to reset a ceiling fan remote. If you can’t find the paper instructions, look online for a PDF, which you also need to do when learning how to bypass a ceiling fan switch.

Insider Tip

You could also rely on a YouTube video for detailed assembly instructions.

Here are basic instructions on how to put together an average standing fan.

STEP 1 Establish the Base

  1. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to attach the base of the fan to the pedestal.
  2. This usually requires screwing in four screws, though some fans require no screws at all.
  3. In these cases, simply affix the pedestal to the base and spin to lock it in place.

STEP 2 Connect the Motor Head

  1. Now it’s time to move on to the motor head.
  2. Place the motor head on top of the tubular stand, inserting it into any obvious opening.
  3. Tighten the available screw knob to lock the motor head in place.

STEP 3 Attach Switch and Rear Guard

  1. Slide a switch including the power cable and controls at the rear of the unit to attach until firmly in place.
  2. Affix the rear guard over the switch and tighten with four screws, likely with the same screwdriver you used before.

STEP 4 Attach the Blades

  1. Insert the blade component into an opening on top of the motor housing and tighten as needed.

STEP 5 Affix the Ring Lock and Grill

  1. Place the ring lock in front of the blades and spin to tighten.
  2. Fit the front guard atop the ring lock.
  3. Tighten the front guard and adjust until it snaps in place.

STEP 6 Adjust and Test

  1. Adjust the fan’s height to your liking.
  2. Plug it in and give it a test with the remote control and analog controls, checking to see if the motor shaft works properly.

STAT: Room size is often overlooked when you are buying a standing fan. However, you need to know the size of your room in order to choose the right size fan. (source)

How to Assemble a Standing Fan FAQs

How do I purchase a standing fan?

There are many models of pedestal fan out there, so choose based on your preferences, such as power type to avoid compatibility issues with a power outlet, the inclusion of a smart pedestal, and related features

How do I clean a standing fan?

When cleaning a fan, make sure it is unplugged to avoid personal injury. A key benefit for pedestal fans is that they are easy to clean, so use a microfiber cloth.

How do I fix a standing fan?

Fixing a standing fan depends on the issue at hand, as a power plug problem differs from an issue related to pedestal fan design. Work slowly and carefully to avoid personal injury and make sure the fan is unplugged from the power source. When in doubt, check the pedestal fan safety instruction manual.
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