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How to Answer the Phone Through a Gaming Headset

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Some people want to use their headsets for multiple devices, making them wonder how to answer the phone through a gaming headset. If you are a PC gamer, you may not need an additional device to access this option. The best gaming headset using a 3.5 mm audio jack or USB dongle not only allows you to play your games at any volume while reducing background noise but may also let you answer calls.


  • You can receive calls on your gaming headset using your computer as long as you have a way to connect to your Mac or PC.
  • You will need to connect to your wired gaming headset or wireless gaming headset using an audio cable or a USB dongle.
  • If you are a PC gamer, you need a computer with Windows 10 updated after May 10, 2019, and an Android phone running OS 7.0 or later.

You might be able to use this option if you have one of a range of wired gaming headsets or a USB wireless gaming headset. However, to make the option using headphones and a separate microphone work, you will first need to learn how do you make a gaming headset. It may also be beneficial to know how gaming headsets work.

How to Take Calls on a Gaming Headset

To access phone calls using your gaming headset, you will need a device to connect to your phone, including a computer, wired headset, or wireless headset. Unfortunately, most gaming headsets will not allow you to answer phones while gaming on a console.

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You can connect your Android 7.0 or later device to your Windows PC using the Your Phone app.

You can connect via Bluetooth to your phone and use a wired connection with your Xbox if you have the Xbox Wireless Headset. For a wired gaming headset, read on to find out how to connect and answer your phone using a gaming headset or headphones, and a computer. You may also be interested in finding out how to change the batteries in a gaming headset.

Gaming Headset with a Mac


Connect your gaming headset to your Mac. If you have a USB dongle and a previous generation Mac or any generation Macbook Pro, you can plug the dongle directly into the USB port to access its features. For a current generation Macbook Air, you will need a quality USB-A to USB-C adaptor. Just plug the cable into the audio jack if you have a wired headset.


Connect your phone to your Mac. If you have an iPhone instead of an Android mobile device, you can connect it wirelessly using your iCloud account. To pair Android mobile devices, you may need to download an additional application. You may also have to activate Handoff on your Mac for either type of device.


Answer the call using the “Accept” button that comes up on the screen, or accept it using the designated button on your headset if it has one. If this doesn’t show up, your phone is not connected correctly. A boom microphone will reduce the impact of background sound on your call. You can also answer using your speaker if you don’t have your headset set up.

Gaming Headset with a PC


Connect your phone and headset to your PC, both with full battery life. This function is offered for more recent generations of Windows PC. It should be available on updated computers with the latest Windows OS version with Android OS 7 or later as well. Plug your cable into the headphone jack if you have a wired headset. USB dongles can be plugged directly into the USB port as long as they aren’t USB-C.


Connect to the Your Phone app. To set this up, enter the Your Phone app and select “Get Started.” Your PC will walk you through the process. However, you need to make sure you do this before answering any calls. On your phone, you will need to select “allow this app to make and manage calls from my phone.”


Answer any calls that come through while you are connected to the headset, using a boom microphone if possible to ensure the best sound. Then, enjoy your new crossover functionality. Like on a Mac, you can answer on speaker mode if your headset isn’t set up.


If you have a USB headset and a current-generation Macbook Air, you need a USB-A to USB-C adapter.


Is Arctis Pro Wireless a Playstation or PC gaming headset?

You can use the Arctis Pro Wireless headset with a Playstation or a PC. It can also be used as a headset for phone calls because it is a Bluetooth headset.

What is Hi-Res audio quality?

Hi-res audio describes any sound that surpasses CD sound quality, which is greater than 44.1 kHz or higher than 16-bit depth.

How do I receive calls on my headphones?

You can connect your phone to your computer if you have devices that match the specifications above, or you can plug your headphone cable into the USB jack. Just make sure that both devices have a full battery.

STAT: The Your Phone app needs to be connected to your Android device over Bluetooth to make and receive calls on your PC. (source)

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