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How to Adjust a Standing Desk

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If you are trying to get into the world of ergonomic office setups, you may wonder how to adjust a standing desk. Even the best standing desks, after all, cannot provide any positive health benefits if they are not adjusted correctly. Why adjust a standing desk and how to do it? Keep reading to find out.


  • Correctly adjusting a height-adjustable standing desk is important to unlock its various health benefits, otherwise, it could even contribute to poor posture.
  • You can find out the correct height for your height-adjustable desk, however, by performing some simple postural exercises at the standing position.
  • If your standing desk or sit-stand desk is correctly adjusted, you should see over the top third of the screen, at eye level, and not strain to reach the keyboard or mouse.

Why Adjust a Standing Desk?

Standing desks promote healthy posture and decrease the risks of a spate of ailments, but these benefits are not accessible if the desk is not adjusted correctly. As a matter of fact, an incorrectly adjusted standing desk can contribute to its own set of health ailments. Standing desks offer great versatility in how high or low they can be adjusted so it’s important to understand how that can impact you. For more information on this, we have a great article on how tall a standing desk should be. Adjusting the desk correctly is key if you are learning how to ensure good posture at a standing desk. Additionally, if these articles interest you, we have more standing desk tips you can check out.

Insider Tip

You may want to invest in an anti-fatigue floor mat if your feet get sore while using a height-adjustable standing desk.

How to Correctly Adjust a Standing Desk

Each standing desk is different, as is every unique body. There are also some accessories to consider, such as learning how to add a keyboard attachment to a standing desk. Having said that, here are some semi-universal guidelines to help you adjust your standing desk to your body.


Stand up tall, straight with your head parallel to the ceiling and shoulders pulled back. Stand against a bare wall if that helps, though stay close to the desk.


Bend your elbow to 90 degrees with your arms by your sides. Remember, you won’t be just standing at the desk, as you’ll be accessing a keyboard and mouse.


Go in front of your standing desk, keeping the aforementioned correct posture. Adjust the desk so that your fingers gently meet the keys of your keyboard. This way, you won’t be straining or bending to type.


Your desk is correctly positioned, and now it’s time to do the same for the computer monitor. You don’t want to be craning your neck to get a good view, after all. Adjust the monitor’s height so that you can just see over the top third of the screen.


Give everything a try. Use the computer while standing, also accessing the keyboard and mouse. These movements should be effortless with no craning or straining. If you can do all of this while standing and feeling comfortable, your desk is ready to go.


How to maintain proper posture while standing?

Make stretching and walking part of your daily routine and avoid some common mistakes, such as straining to reach the keyboard and related pieces of gear while using your height-adjustable desk.

How to prevent body pains while standing?

If you are using a height-adjustable desk and want to prevent body pains, be sure to take breaks from the height-adjustable desk to move about and stretch.

Should you use a standing desk all day?

Sit-stand desks are a great option when it comes to height-adjustable models. Experts say to take breaks from both standing and sitting, taking periods of time to stretch and move about.

STAT: Your standing time is something you work up to overtime but normally shouldn’t exceed 4 hours during a workday. Even within that 4 hours of time, it shouldn’t be continuous. You should alternate sitting and standing as frequently as you can. (source)

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