How to Add More Fingerprints and Improve the Touch ID Sensor on the iPhone 5s

So, now that the dust has settled from the exploding arrive of the iPhone 5s, you might want to know that the Touch ID sensor, located inside of the Home button, can be in fact be programmed to work with multiple fingerprints.  And not just your fingerprints, but someone else’s as well.  That means you can provide access to your iPhone 5s to someone else without giving up your passcode.  It’s rare that this instance would present itself, but you never know.  But I digress.  The advantages to adding multiple fingerprints to the Touch ID Sensor’s database, is that you can then login with different fingers, or more importantly a different hand, especially since there is a good chance that your dominate hand, the hand that is likely to have your initial fingerprint programmed on the iPhone 5s, is occupied.

[box_tip]Of note, the Touch ID Sensor is designed to automatically add “new sections” of your fingerprint over time to help improve accuracy. If you so wanted, you could add your primary fingerprint a few times to capture more angles, though I can’t say this will actually improve login speed and accuracy. [/box_tip]

Follow these simple steps to add additional fingerprints to the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID Sensor:

Touch ID-1

1. Head to Settings>General>Touch ID & Passcode


2. You’ll be prompted to enter your passcode to gain access


3. Select Touch ID from the menu


4. Scroll down to “Add a Fingerprint…”.  It should be in Blue Font.

5. Once you select, the iPhone 5s will begin to walk you through the steps necessary to program an additional fingerprint, the same steps you went through to program your first fingerprint.

As mentioned adding additional fingerprints is useful if you find your dominate hand occupied.  Just keep in mind you can only ad up to 5 fingerprints.

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