How Tall is an Over The Range Microwave?

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Updated August 16, 2022

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen soon, you might be wondering, “How tall is an over-the-range microwave?” As it turns out, the height from floor to microwave doesn’t matter all that much. What matters is how far it is from your cooking surface. The feet of space you need will change depending on the set-up of your kitchen and gas or burner stoves.


  • An above-range microwave oven is a microwave in cabinet space or one that is installed in the space between wall cabinets.
  • Range microwave dimensions span quite a few sizes, but most models fall somewhere around 30 inches wide.
  • The height of your mode will depend significantly on the kitchen it’s installed into, such as the upper cabinet dimensions.

The best microwaves fit your individual needs. Do plenty of research before choosing the model you want.

A Comfortable Height for Range Microwaves

Cabinet depth matters just as much as the clearance between stovetop and microwave. Having adequate clearance from your stainless steel gas range is crucial, especially with the growing sizes of microwave ovens. Preferably, you’ll be able to use your cooking surface without worrying about a potential fire hazard.

If you’re worried about whether your standard size microwave will fit, we have an article that answers the question, “How high should a microwave be above a range?

Insider Tip

A built-in microwave looks sleek in any kitchen, allowing your space to stay minimalistic with minimal disruption to countertops.

What are Range Microwaves?

The appliance we’re exploring today is a microwave in cabinet space or one installed in the space between wall cabinets. Range installation can come in OTR microwave kits, which help you get your new stainless steel cooking space up and running in no time.

If you need to learn how to replace your above-range microwave, we have a fantastic article containing appliance installation tips.

Normal Dimensions for a Range Microwave

There is a range of measurements for standard cabinet widths and heights. Because of this, your range of microwave dimensions will be vast. If you have a current microwave, measure the microwave enclosure. This will give you a better idea of what you should expect from your over-the-range microwave oven.

Required Inches of Clearance

While there are slightly different heights depending on the microwave itself, you’ll always need to ensure you have the required inches of clearance. Your built-in microwave should state clearly in its product details how many inches wide it is, as well as its floor dimension.

Both of these measurements will be crucial when determining the proper height for your built-in microwave.

Benefits of a Range Microwave

There are several benefits to having this model. You have other choices, such as the microwave drawer. However, this leads to complicated measurements such as open-door depths and closed-door depths. You can also purchase handy OTR microwave kits, which make range installation a breeze. Moreover, some people believe microwaves are dangerous when in use, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The real danger is improper wiring and poor installation. So, keep in mind that you may need professional installation if you have trouble installing your unit.


While stainless steel is highly desirable, it is also sometimes prohibitively expensive.


How do I clean my countertop microwave?

A countertop microwave is easy to clean. This is especially true if it’s a stainless steel model. Ensure your counter space is clear, and use microwave-safe cleaning products.

What should I consider about OTR microwaves other than size?

Consider the range model you want to purchase first. Do you need something with stainless steel? Are you interested in more luxurious product details? That will help determine the best model for you.

What are the standard microwave sizes available?

The microwave type you invest in will answer that question. Compact microwaves are going to be smaller than luxurious, stainless steel microwave drawers.

Why is stainless steel such a good material for compact microwaves?

Stainless steel is a preferable material for any current appliance. This is because stainless steel is incredibly durable and heat resistant. Stainless steel is an obvious choice for all appliances, including full-sized models like your fridge.

STAT: From 2019 to 2021, there was a 17% dip in stainless steel melt shop production. (source)

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