How Much is a Vlog Camera? Read This Before You Overspend

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Updated July 25, 2022

Those interested in vlogging (aka vloggers) generally have a concern that they can’t afford the necessary gear to produce a hit channel. Which in turn begs the question, and one we’re going to address today, “How much is a vlog camera?“. Some are actually cheap, like the YI 4K.

Truthfully, there’s no single price range that can easily encapsulate all vlogging cameras. You could probably download an app to your phone and start recording vlogging videos without paying a cent!


We don’t suggest that you do that, because the quality won’t be as good as buying a dedicated camera, and quality really matters when it comes to winning over an audience and keeping people interested. But it goes to show just how many options you have, and why we can’t just say, “A good camera for vlogging costs $300” and leave it at that.

To help, we’ve made it ultra easy to find the right vlogging camera for you based on cost and your needs.

Below we’ve divided vlogging camera prices into several different tiers, based on your goals and the types of cameras available.

How Much is a Vlog Camera by Price Tiers:

  • Tier 1 ($25 to $100): A good choice for webcam streaming for gaming or basic tech tutorials, but without any mobility.
  • Tier 2 ($100 to $300): Limited to compact camcorders and point-and-shoot cameras, but very mobile cameras that are still relatively affordable. (of note, we’ve got vlogging cameras here that are all under $300).
  • Tier 3 ($300 to $700): A great way to get affordable DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras with video capabilities, but this tier will take extra research.
  • Tier 4 ($700 to $1,000): High-end DSLR models and camcorders reside here – but remember you’ll also have to spend a lot on lenses and accessories…but then you’re set for years.

 Tier #1  – $ 25 to $100



  • Affordable cams with helpful software
  • Great for vlogs and streaming conversations


  • Not very mobile
  • Not suited for zooming, wide-angle shots, or other complex work

This tier is for those vloggers who don’t want to spend much and plan to stay in front of their computers for most of their vlogging. For this, you need a good vlogging webcam, which will cost between $25 and $100. Don’t bother with a device like the Eoncore camera binoculars, unless you’re doing a nature blog.

It’s one of the cheapest options available for vlogging, but it’s also one of the most limiting: You can’t really take it outside, and taking close-up shots, etc., can be more difficult than with a more mobile camera.

Models to check out: 


 Tier #2  – $100 to $300

Canon Vixia HF R700 Camcorder


  • Plenty of compact camcorder options that you can easily carry around
  • Many deals make high-quality cameras more affordable in this tier


  • Not many options for high-end DSLR photography
  • Camcorders aren’t suitable for everyone, which could limit your choices

Here, you need a mobile camera to take with you, position in the right ways, and take high-quality video that’s significantly better than anything you could get from a smartphone.

Models in this tier tend to be either point and shoot cameras that have a lot of features dedicated to video, or compact camcorders that are highly video-focused.

In this range, expect most models to cost between $100 and $300, sometimes a little more depending on what you find. However, there are also a lot of good deals to discover in this tier, which can make upgrading easier than you might expect.

Models to check out: 

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 Tier #3  – $400 to $700

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II


  • A great selection of low-cost DSLRs
  • Many compact models for easier travel, too
  • Many models are more accessory-compatible than lower tiers


  • Many cameras in this tier are primarily focused on photos instead of video
  • These models take more practice and skill to successful use

In the third tier, you are ready to move on to more high-end point-and-shoot cameras, and early DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses. Video quality tends to gain another increase at this stage, and you have a lot more room to customize your shots, find more artistic angles, and capture tricky outdoor or low-light scenes.

These models are great for an active, demanding blog that really wants to impress. They also tend to be more expensive, typically in the $400 to $700 range. At this point, it’s important to look at camera kits and see what they entail when you purchase.

Models to check out: 


 Tier #4  – $700 to $1,000

Nikon D300


  • A high-quality camera in this tier can last for your whole career
  • The most options for artistic shots and high fps video capture


  • Kits become heavier and more difficult to carry around
  • Investment in more DSLR lenses can become very expensive

Here we find the camera models designed for professionals, the ones you really want to use to make money vlogging, especially if your vlog is an important source of income and you need to shine among the best.

Only the most competitive cameras will do here, which means high-end camcorders (no longer compact, but actually a bit weighty) and DSLRs. These models also take more experience to use. Expect prices to vary from $700 to $1,000, in general.

Models to check out: 

Don’t Forget About Accessories!

A good camera for vlogging will also include some accessories. You may need an attachable shotgun microphone to better pick your voice and block out other noises. You probably need a stand to position the camera at the right height and angle for your vlogging ideas.

When it comes to DSLR cameras, you often need to purchase lenses separately, especially if you want a few different lenses to provide different shots.

Other accessories like waterproof cases, selfie sticks, and storage cards can also help your vlogging efforts, including editing a vlog, and some may be closer to requirements than ideas depending on the type of vlog.

Bottom line: Don’t forget to add the costs of necessary accessories when considering the price of your vlogging camera at any level. These costs are more difficult to tabulate, but you can easily spend up to $100 on basic supplies (and far, far more for more advanced camera lenses). If your budget is a concern, remember to add in these items before you make purchasing decisions!

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