How Much Does a VPN Cost?

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Updated August 29, 2022

Those who want greater online privacy often turn to the best VPNs to repel the dangers lurking in cyberspace and public Wi-Fi networks. However, while VPN software offers excellent protection, many don’t realize that most services require a subscription fee. Below, we’ll discuss how much does a VPN cost and what you should reasonably expect from a paid option instead of a free one.


  • Paid VPN services cost anywhere from $5 to $20 per month.
  • Choosing to go with an extended contract, such as an annual plan instead of a monthly plan, can reduce the monthly subscription cost by up to 50%.
  • Free VPNs are often warned against because they either come with extreme limitations or some form of a catch.

VPNs are used for many purposes. To help you choose the best service for your needs, check out the best VPNs for torrenting or the best gaming VPNs.

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Like many other products, VPN companies often offer deals on monthly subscriptions.

How Expensive Is a VPN?

The average price of a VPN varies, ranging on average anywhere from $5 to $20 per month. Signing up for annual or long-term plans, however, can reduce the price by up to half. The higher the cost, the more advanced features you’ll get, like the number of devices and servers you can connect to, how much data you can use, and a no-logs policy.

For those who have a VPN provider already and realize they don’t need it 100% of the time, we have a guide on how to turn off a VPN.

Lower-Price VPN Services

A common concern is that the cheapest price of VPN services indicates a lower level of security. The consensus is that, except for free VPNs, affordable VPN providers are usually just as secure as the more costly services and provide excellent service. As mentioned above, the difference lies in the number of extra features, connection speed, customer service, and ability to connect additional computers and mobile devices.

When choosing a plan, always look into the advanced features because some budget VPN services are just as good as costlier versions. If you want to read about specific VPN services, you can check out our Surfshark review.


Always read the fine print when considering a free VPN, as they often sell your data to third parties.

Free VPN Services

You’ll find many sites offering free VPNs while researching. It’s unfair to paint all free VPNs with the same brush, but it’s safe to say there’s always a catch that usually turns consumers into a product. Many free VPNs have fine print written into their privacy policy that allows them to store user internet traffic, browser history, and online activities and sell it to third parties later. Additionally, many free VPN services are downright fraudulent and sneak in malware once you download the product.

STAT: Over 20 million internet users have incurred a data breach while connected to a free VPN service. (source)

A common use for VPNs is to use streaming services while abroad. For more on this, we have a great guide on how to use a VPN with Netflix. In addition, if you’ve tried to access a streaming site and are facing trouble, you should know how to bypass a VPN block.

How Much Does a VPN Cost FAQs

What is an IP address?

The IP address is similar to a home address. It is built into each computer so it can communicate with other devices.

Is it okay to stay connected to the VPN 100% of the time?

The downside to staying connected to a VPN all the time is that it slows down your internet connection. It also drains the battery life at a faster speed.

Do VPNs block pop-up advertisements?

Depending on your service, it may block certain advertisements, but not all do this.
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