How Much are Earbuds?

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Updated October 10, 2022

There is a huge range in price, from the best wireless earbuds to the worst wired models. This might have you asking, “How much are earbuds?” Whether you’re looking for the best headphones or not, you should research what’s available within the various price ranges. This will help you figure out your budget and get the best match for your needs.


  • There is a massive range in price when it comes to earbuds, which depends on several factors. You can expect to pay between $20-$50 on average.
  • As mentioned, several factors exist that determine the price. You should do research into the models available so you can figure out your budget.
  • Some factors are more important than others. When it comes to price, the wireless capabilities, audio performance, and battery life all help determine the price.

Price Ranges for a Pair of Earbuds

There is a huge range in price for both wired and wireless earbuds. However, they tend to fall between $20-$50 dollars when you take an average of the options. Some wired versions go for as little as a few dollars, while high-end wireless earbuds might go for hundreds. If you’re in the market for a new pair, there are certain things you should know before investing, like how earbuds work or how to connect earbuds to a laptop. Keep reading to find out which factors influence this price range.

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A high-end pair of earbuds might have a touch control system included.

Factors that Determine Current Prices

There are several things that contribute to the cost of wireless or wired earbuds. While there are several affordable pairs on the market, it might be worth knowing what makes expensive earbuds much better than their cheaper counterparts. Keep reading to find out what factors determine the price point for each pair of earbuds.

Wireless Capabilities

Not having a wire attached to your mobile device or other electronics is a big bonus because of the convenience factor. Most people are moving over to wireless earbuds because of this. However, you can expect to pay a premium for wireless earbuds compared to their wired counterparts.


Your favorite earbuds need to be cleaned regularly, or they could suffer damage.

Audio Performance

There’s a lot that goes into sound quality. Learning how noise-canceling earbuds work and what ANC earbuds are will help you understand more about the topic. For now, just know that earbuds have small product dimensions. Because of this, it’s harder to pack in the components that lead to better sound quality. The more technology for audio performance in the earbuds, the more expensive they’ll be.

Battery Life

Finally, we have another crucial component that will impact the price of your earbuds. Being able to have hours of listening off of a single charge is essential. Expensive earbuds will naturally have a much longer battery life as a result. Some offer up to five or six hours off that single charge, but they definitely cost more than a cheaper pair.

STAT: Bluetooth headphones occupied 60 percent of the total number of headphones sold in Russia in the first half of 2022. (source)

How Much Do Earbuds Cost FAQs

Should I get wireless headphones?

Wireless headphones are fantastic for those who are tired of dealing with headphone cables. They’re quickly outpacing wired headphones in popularity. It’s worth investing in them for the convenience factor.

What are earbuds?

Like a pair of headphones, earbuds deliver your favorite music to your ears. However, they sit in your ear canal rather than over your ears. This design is less bulky than traditional wired or wireless headphones.

What are some features I should look for when it comes to expensive headphones?

You should be on the lookout for several features, such as active noise cancelation, touch control buttons, and great sound quality.

Are expensive headphones worth investing in?

If clear, immersive sound is your end goal, then they’re absolutely worth investing in. Expensive headphones have several features inexpensive models might not, like a touch control system.
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