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How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?

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Updated August 25, 2022

So, how many watts does a coffee maker use? That depends on quite a few factors that we’ll go over in depth below. Turning coffee beans into delicious coffee is a process with specific energy requirements. You could always invest in an energy-efficient coffee machine, but they tend to be expensive. If energy costs worry you, aim for lower coffee maker wattage.


  • Coffee maker wattage rating will vary across different types of coffee machines. There are always variations for brand and model.
  • Suppose you don’t have access to an outlet while traveling. In that case, you can use a current inverter to power your single cup coffee maker. Calculating inverter size requires simple math.
  • More powerful types of coffee machines will require higher power, which leads to higher energy consumption and larger electricity bills.

The best coffee maker brews the perfect hot water temperature for your daily brew. Make sure you factor in your desire for special features, such as cold brew options or a strong brewing mode.

What Does Watts of Electricity Mean?

You need to understand watts before coffee maker power usage will make sense. There are several options for amounts of watts ranging from a 150-watt coffee maker up to a 1,000-watt coffee maker. Watts are a unit of power for electricity.

They measure how much power your electrical devices require to work. You can blame watts for your electric bills, especially when using multiple electrical devices.

Brewing hot water takes time. If you’ve ever wondered, “How long should a coffee maker take to make coffee?” we have an article to help you understand.

Insider Tip

To help lower your electricity bills, initiate the standby mode of whatever electronic device you’re using.

Calculating the Power Consumption

If you’re wondering what size inverter you need, there’s a simple formula to figure it out. Just take the watts of energy for your coffee maker, and find 20% of that number. Add that 20% onto the coffee maker watts, giving the inverter power you need.

You need more than the correct inverter power to keep your pot of coffee working correctly. Keeping your coffee machine clean is crucial. Our article “How often should you clean your coffee maker?” goes over all the details.

The Requirements for Coffee Maker Watts

Unfortunately, coffee maker power usage translates into the overall ability of your appliance. Having a high-power consumption rate means you have a model with advanced features.

Keurig Coffee Maker

The Keurig is wildly popular and allows you to use smaller amounts of energy per cup of coffee. This is because they follow a single-serve methodology rather than providing multiple cups of coffee at a time. Keurig models pull from their signature water tank to create fresh coffee. Be sure to learn more about how pod coffee makers work and how to use a coffee machine with pods. While you’re at it, you can check out how the strong setting on a coffee maker works to ensure you always get a flavorful cup.

Your Keurig will typically require a 400-watt inverter if you’re traveling with it.

Traditional Drip Coffee Pots

Almost everybody has a drip machine in their home. They’re great for making multiple pots of coffee for groups of people and keeping coffee warm throughout the day. Since they spend more time heating water, they have a higher average cost than a single-serve coffee machine. If you are interested, you can learn more about how drip coffee makers work and also how to use drip coffee makers.

Your drip coffee machine will generally require 750 – 1250 watts.

Espresso Machine

Any heavy coffee drinker can confirm that sometimes hot coffee just doesn’t cut it. In that case, brewing cups of espresso helps you get going, or you can learn how to make a cappuccino in a coffee maker. A super-authentic espresso machine requires far higher energy than other appliances, such as light bulbs or different types of coffee makers.

Average espresso wattage lands around 1500 watts, with discrepancies due to brand and model.


Single-serve coffee makers require regular maintenance and cleaning, or they can develop mineral build-up, mildew, and more.


Will a 400-watt inverter run a coffee pot?

For a standard drip coffee maker, 400-watts isn’t enough. You’d only be able to support a little over 300 watts, and the average coffee maker needs more power than that.

What’s the concern with Bunn coffee makers and electricity?

The average automatic drip coffee maker you have in your home has to make water hot every time you have coffee brewing. A Bunn coffee maker keeps water hot at all times. Because of the higher electricity usage, they’re generally used as a commercial coffee maker.

What size inverter do you need for a coffee pot?

That depends on the types of coffee machines you’re using. All coffee machines will have different requirements for watts, depending on their make, model, and more.

STAT: An ampere is 6.3 billion electrons passing one point in a circuit, in one second. (source)

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