How Many Megapixels is Good for a Webcam?

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Updated July 25, 2022

If you are new to the world of computer cameras, you may wonder how many megapixels are good for a webcam. Many of the best webcams, after all, ship in a wide variety of megapixel counts, in addition to other features. So is there a “best” megapixel count, and what should you look for when shopping to ensure the best photos and videos? Keep reading to find out.


  • Megapixel counts are constantly advancing, but that doesn’t always translate to better images and videos with front-facing cameras.
  • Besides the megapixel count, a resolution camera’s affiliated software can upscale images and videos, as can the frame rate.
  • A decent webcam’s lens also helps determine the image and video quality, no matter the number of megapixels.

How Many Megapixels is my Webcam?

Before you can learn what is a good webcam resolution, you should figure out how many megapixels constitute your camera. Dive into your settings to see pertinent camera information, including the number of megapixels, before you conduct a YouPeck 1080p HD webcam review or any other review. Once you have this information handy, consider reading a Logitech Brio 4K webcam review and others.

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Many physical accessories are available that help webcams produce high-grade images and videos.

If you still can’t find your camera’s specific megapixel count, check the instructions or perform a quick web search with your camera’s make and model for more targeted information.

Do Megapixels Matter?

Yes and no. The constant “arms race” of megapixel count matters only slightly, as a higher megapixel count typically results in higher quality images and videos. However, this is really only true when compared to cameras with a much lower megapixel count. When it comes to cameras that are hovering close to one another, you will likely find no difference in image quality due to a number of reasons.

What Contributes to Image and Video Quality?

Beyond megapixel counts, many other aspects go into creating a top-tier digital image or video. Here are just a couple.


A camera’s software contributes to the overall picture and video quality, no matter the megapixel count. These software applications can upscale the images and videos to appear of a much higher quality than the megapixel count would otherwise indicate. There is also third-party software available to many webcams that do just this.


The actual lens of your digital camera impacts the overall quality of your images and videos, no matter the pixel count. In other words, a high-quality lens can overcome megapixel limitations, while a low-quality lens will produce subpar content even with a high megapixel count. It is important to look at every aspect of a digital camera before making a purchase.

STAT: Perhaps the most important feature of a webcam is the clarity of the video it captures. For digital video, this is understood in resolution and frame rate. (source)

Megapixels Digital Camera FAQs

What do you need to know before buying a webcam?

Contact the webcam manufacturer for specific information, but look for image sizes, the physical size of the camera itself, the array of pixels, and more.

Who has space for a decent camera?

Expensive webcams tend to take up a lot of space, leading many consumers to choose a built-in webcam to capture streaming video and high-definition video.

Can you have too many megapixels?

Yes, having too many megapixels can impact frame rate and other metrics, resulting in choppy video. This brings down the image quality created by smartphone cameras, mirrorless cameras, and even a simple 720p webcam.
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