How Many Keys Are On a Keyboard?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022 6:21 PM
how many keys on keyboard

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You’ll have an easier time finding the best keyboards to purchase if you understand a little about them. If you’re wondering how many keys are on a keyboard, keep reading. We’ll go over how many keys can be found depending on the type of keyboard you’re using.


  • There are several different types of keyboards out there, and which one you choose will fall primarily to personal preference.
  • Standard keyboards typically have around 104 keys, with some variation depending on the type of keyboard you’re using.
  • Different specialties will require different types of keyboards. For example, a programmer has different needs than a data entry specialist.

The Key Count on a Computer or Laptop Keyboard

While keyboards are standard for any computer user to have, they are not a monolith. You’ll find considerable differences in the keyboards built into laptops versus those that can be bought for desktop computers.

Insider Tip

Those who work a lot with data entry should always choose a keyboard that has a built-in numeric keypad.

If you’re on the market for your desktop or an external keyboard for your laptop, try reading the Logitech G915 review. It’ll give you a great starting point. Either way, keep reading to find out more about these devices, as we’ll just go over the most common ones today.

Types of Keyboards

You might be surprised to find out there is a whole range of different types of keyboards out there. In fact, you can find one optimized for almost any situation. Each one has a different number of keys.

Full-Size Keyboards

If you want to have your numeric pad built into your device, having a full-size keyboard should be an option you keep in mind. A full-size keyboard will include all of the input options that you need.

You’ll have 104 keys total with 100 percent keyboards. These are excellent beginner keyboards, as well.

Non-Standard Keyboards

There is a wide variety of smaller keyboards on the market, especially when looking at modernized desktop computer keyboards. They have more specialized functions than your standard keyboards. For professionals, special characters and specialized PC keyboards are a must.

Some of them don’t even include a numeric pad. Instead, you only have the number input keys through the top row combined with your function keys row. The type drastically changes the number of keys. For example, a TKL keyboard has 87 keys total, while a 60 percent has a modest 61 keys.


If you have smaller hands, try to avoid larger keyboards because they will be more difficult for you to use.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can look into a 65 percent keyboard with anywhere from 66-68 keys. However, you can also look at the leading 75 percent keyboards as a secondary option with 84 keys.

STAT: In 2022, 69 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 years stated that they owned a laptop. (source)

How Many Keys Are on a Keyboard FAQs

How many function keys does a keyboard have?

Most modern keyboards have 12 function keys, with some variation depending on the type. This is the standard because these function keys are essential to the successful operation of a computer.

How do I choose a keyboard for beginners?

There are a few considerations to make when figuring out what keyboard will be correct. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The size of the person’s hands
  • What tactile feedback they prefer
  • How many buttons they’ll realistically need

What is a numeric keypad?

A numeric keyboard holds the input buttons for your numbers on a keyboard. Their location and presence may change depending on whether you’re using a 104 key keyboard or an 88-key keyboard, for example.

Are gaming keyboards worth it?

Some desktop computer keyboards work better with video games than others. You might prefer a wired connection for response time, combined with mechanical switches which provide better speed.

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