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How Long Should a Coffee Maker Take to Make Coffee

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Updated August 25, 2022

Are you wondering, “How long should a coffee maker take to make coffee?” Then stick around because we’ll go over different types of coffee makers today and their expected brewing times.


  • You can extend or shorten your brew cycle to account for a lighter or stronger coffee to better suit your personal needs.
  • There are several types of coffee makers, and each one has different expectations surrounding brewing times and cycles.
  • If your coffee maker starts spitting out coffee grinds, can’t produce warm water, or is struggling to make coffee at all, it might be time to replace it.

The best coffee maker might come with a thermal carafe or other advanced features, like controls so that you get the correct water temperature for your ground coffee beans, and you need to know how to make the most of them. There are coffee tips across the internet, all promising to give you better coffee per cup, but we’ll give you the best information available. For more tips, be sure to read how to make the perfect coffee in a coffee maker.

What is the Best Method for Brewing Coffee?

With a few ounces of water, medium heat, and coffee beans, you should be able to craft coffee fit for a king. You just have to understand how. You may also want to consider the power level required for making fresh coffee. If you’re wondering, “How many watts does a coffee maker use?” we have an article just for you.

Insider Tip

Tap water is fine for brewing a pot of coffee as long as you put your coffee machine through a regular cleaning cycle.

Brew Cycles of Different Coffee Machines

Coffee drinkers know what they want, whether that’s a single cold brew or a coffee pot full of dark roast. Knowing what to expect from your morning brew time will help you better understand your needs as a coffee drinker.

The brew cycle is different for each model and will be a factor in how hot coffee gets in a coffee maker. For example, a standard coffee maker uses a different heating element and coffee pot than an Italian coffee maker. The heating element is important because the proper water temperature for extracting the best flavor using a drip or pressurized brewing method has to be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re interested in learning more about why boiling water is detrimental to coffee oil and flavor, read our article “How long can you keep a coffee maker on?

French Press Coffee

French Press coffee is one of the most popular brewing methods there is. This process uses a glass carafe with a plunger that processes your ground coffee. These are similar to an Italian coffee maker, or Moka pot. Both take cold water and produce delicious, strong coffee ready to fill your coffee cup.

It usually takes around four minutes for this method’s brew cycle.

Basic Drip Coffee Maker

A drip machine works by processing hot water through pre-ground coffee. This is likely the type of coffee maker you’re most familiar with. You fill your water reservoir with clean water, put a few grams of coffee in the reusable filter, and press a button.

An automatic drip coffee maker has a brewing cycle that lasts anywhere from three to ten minutes. This time depends on the heating element, size of the water reservoir, and a few other factors. A lot of drip machines are similar, for instance, the Bunn NHS vs. Bunn GR coffee makers, so be sure to choose one that fits your needs.

Italian Coffee Maker

Moka pots were initially made in Italy and are still referred to as an Italian coffee maker. Perhaps the closest thing to espresso machines, the Moka pot is fantastic for getting the coffee shop taste at home. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try investing in a 6-cup Moka pot to serve guests.

It should take around five minutes to turn cold water into delicious cups of coffee with a Moka pot. While Moka pots offer a similar cup, if you want authentic espresso, you can check out how to use an espresso machine.


Take great caution when dealing with hot coffee since it can cause severe burns.


Does the type of coffee grounds you buy make a difference?

The coffee grounds you choose will determine the nuanced flavor present in the final coffee. A cup of coffee will only be as good as the ingredients inside.

What happens if my coffee brews coffee too quickly?

The aim of coffee brewing is to craft delicious drinks. If the grounds don’t have time to steep, you’ll mess up the extraction of coffee flavors.

What happens if my coffee takes too long to brew coffee?

If the brew time is too long, you could end up burning your coffee. Brewing time is crucial to producing coffee extractions, like flavor and caffeine.

Are single-serve coffee makers worth it?

While more expensive, these models are more than worth it if you’re looking to produce small quantities of coffee. If you only need a morning cup of delicious coffee, single-serve will make things easier.

STAT: Drip brew coffee makers replaced the coffee percolator in the 1970s due to the percolators’ tendency to over-extract coffee, thereby making it bitter. (source)

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