How Long Does a Gaming Mouse Last?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023 10:28 AM
how long do gaming mice last

The best computer mouse should be durable, regardless of what you use it for. But specifically, intense or competitive gamers should prioritize a mouse that lasts a long time. And to the right one, it’s necessary to understand the average lifespan to recognize what’s good and bad. So to help you find the best gaming mouse, below, we’ll discuss how long does a gaming mouse last.


  • Because gamers use devices more intensely than regular mouse users, prioritizing durability is essential.
  • A quality mouse should last at least three years; users can help them last longer with proper care.
  • Finding a good mouse pad, frequent air dustings, and driver updates are essential to keep mice in good condition.

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Buying a warranty when buying an expensive mouse can be a good idea to achieve peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about breaking down before expected.

How Often Should You Replace Your Gaming Mouse?

A good mouse is critical to a proper gaming setup. However, gaming mice can be costly, and you should get one that lasts long enough to get your money’s worth. The average lifespan of gaming mice is around 2-3 years, but some last over five and even up to ten. The difference usually depends on the brand. Many well-known brands, like Logitech or Razer, are known to last longer.

Of course, there’s no set rule on how long a gaming mouse will last, but avoiding using the mouse aggressively, dropping/slamming it, or using it on rough surfaces is necessary to make it last. Additionally, a good mouse pad can increase the gaming experience and longevity of the device.

Another vital spec any gamer should consider is the noise their mouse makes. For more on this, check out our article explaining what a silent mouse is. Or, if you want to venture further into gaming accessories, we have a guide on the best drag-clicking mice.

How to Make a Mouse Last

Most of the time, the mouse will last longer by treating gently and with proper upkeep. For example, it’s always good to spray your mouse sensor and mouse buttons with canned air. It’s also essential to keep the mouse out of environments with excessive humidity and to check regularly for software updates. Another great way to make sure to guarantee your mouse is working well, and you should know every part of the mouse. We offer many articles explaining the various mouse parts, for example, what a mouse sensor is and how it can improve the gaming experience.


Most mouse warranties only cover devices for one or two years.

Lastly, for those searching for mouse repair tips, you can read our article on how to repair mouse feet.

STAT: Some mouse brands guarantee that their devices last up to 20 million clicks. (source)

How Long Does a Gaming Mouse Last FAQs

How durable is a wired mouse?

It’s hard to estimate an exact figure, but a wireless mouse is usually considered more durable than a wired mouse. This is because the USB cord is the weakest point of a device and is usually the first part to wear out.

What is the most durable mouse brand?

Logitech is often the most recognized brand in terms of durability and typically lasts a few years.

How do you know when to change the mouse’s battery?

Most mice have a set amount of hours of battery life. However, if your mouse is missing clicks, lagging, or stops working altogether, these are all signs that you need to recharge or change the battery.

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