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How Fast Are Hoverboards

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Hoverboards offer a thrilling alternative to walking or biking, offering a self-balancing method of transportation. But just how fast can hoverboards go? The best hoverboards on the market can achieve maximum speeds of up to 16 miles per hour, but the average speed falls anywhere from six to eight miles per hour. The speed relies on a number of external and internal factors. Also depending on how you will use your hoverboard will determine how much the hoverboard will cost. Like most things in life, you get what you pay more.

What Impacts Hoverboard Speed

A hoverboard’s speed can be impacted by a number of factors, both inside the hoverboard itself and throughout the external landscape. Even the rider can impact a hoverboard’s top speed. Here are some of the most significant factors.


This one should come as no surprise. A hoverboard’s built-in motor is the primary factor when it comes to deciding the maximum speed. The best hoverboards feature high-grade motors made from industrial components that are purpose-built for speed. Generally speaking, hoverboards that are intended to be used by children feature lower top speeds than those that are made for adults.


Believe it or not, a hoverboard’s built-in lithium battery pack can become a factor when it comes to assessing a product’s top speed. When a battery is low and in desperate need of a recharge, the motor’s top speed typically becomes reduced, so as to preserve battery life. The same thing can happen when a battery has become damaged and can no longer maintain a complete charge.

Rider Weight

The rider’s weight can have an impact on a hoverboard’s overall maximum speed. Be sure to read the fine print and adhere to the hoverboard’s maximum weight requirements to ensure you’ll be traveling at a board’s advertised top speed. The larger the rider, the more it will tad the motor and, in turn, decrease the top speed. Additionally, all hoverboards feature a minimum speed requirement. This is to ensure that the self-balancing mechanism can operate. Also, hoverboards aren’t just for fun and games, there are some health benefits of hoverboards.


Some hoverboards are built to be used in rough terrain types, in addition to common street riding. While riding in the great outdoors on a mountainous path may be a lot of fun, it does tax both the hoverboard’s motor and lithium-ion battery pack. Be aware that this will impact a hoverboard’s maximum speed. Look for smooth and stable surfaces in order to maximize speed.


Common road conditions can also impact a hoverboard’s top speed. If you are riding up a steep hill, for instance, this top speed will suffer significantly. We would also advise caution while riding down a steep hill, as you may actually overtake the top speed, which can lead to accidents.

Wear and Tear

As a hoverboard gets older, the internal components will start to break down. This will eventually impact the top speed of the hoverboard, as the motor and related components will begin to degrade. If you want to maintain a hoverboard’s top speed for as long as possible, we’d recommend avoiding bumpy surfaces, mud, and puddles. Water can short out the electrical components, and rocks and other pieces of detritus can harm a hoverboard’s undercarriage. Make sure to clean your hoverboard regularly.

How Fast Should You Go?

Just because some hoverboards can exceed ten miles per hour, and beyond, it does not mean you should actually travel that fast. There are considerations to be made when it comes to both safety and the overall life of the hoverboard itself.

Best Safety Practices

Safety should be your primary concern when it comes to riding a hoverboard, as an accident can be sure to ruin just about any outdoor adventure. In order to minimize the risk of injury, practice common safety practices. This includes wearing safety gear like a helmet and chin strap. You may also want to wear padding throughout your person, including elbow pads and knee pads.

Follow the Law

Be sure never to exceed a neighborhood speed limit as you go out riding with your hoverboard. Also, take great care to adhere to other traffic-related safety practices, such as looking both ways before crossing an intersection and being on the lookout for other hoverboards, cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Hoverboards have gotten very popular even outside of the neighborhoods, and you can check out how OSHA views hoverboards in the workplace, like construction sites, in case you are considering this.

UL Certifications

While the technology does exist for hoverboards to go extremely fast, safety regulations, including the commonly known UL 2272 certification, place a hard limit on the top speed. This certification also ensures that a number of other safety standards have been met during the manufacturing procedure. We highly recommend purchasing a hoverboard that has been UL 2272 certified.


Initial Charge

In order to make sure you maintain a hoverboard’s top speed, be sure to perform a long initial charge before taking it out for your first spin. You should leave it plugged in for around 24 hours.

Battery Life

Battery life can impact a hoverboard’s top speed. In order to be sure you are making the most out of your hoverboard, always keep it charged. Once a battery is close to being dead, the hoverboard’s motor will decrease overall output. To learn more about how the battery works, check out our article on hoverboard battery voltage.

Wear Protective Gear

Wear some protective gear when you take your hoverboard out for a ride around town or through rocky terrain types. First and foremost, wear a helmet. Other types of protective gear include elbow straps, knee straps, chin straps, and more.


Be sure to inspect your hoverboard thoroughly before taking it out for a ride. Look for signs of obvious wear and tear, including nuts and fasteners becoming loose and wheel damage. This will ensure the longevity of your hoverboard, even at max speed.


Safety First

Be sure to adhere to best safety practices while riding your hoverboard, particularly if you are taxing the motor to achieve top speeds. Follow the rules of the road, look both ways before crossing intersections, and wear protective gear.

Wheel Damage

Over time, a hoverboard’s wheels could become damaged. This will, obviously, impact a hoverboard’s overall top speed. Be sure to conduct a quick inspection before taking your hoverboard out for a spin.

Hacking Your Hoverboard

Some hoverboards can be “hacked” or jury-rigged to provide more energy to the motor, thus increasing the maximum speed. In addition to voiding your warranty, this can potentially lead to accidents, so we do not recommend it.

Replacement Motors

Lower-quality hoverboards may break down if repeatedly used at top speeds. If your board is a bit long in the tooth, we’d recommend against taxing the motor unnecessarily.









How Fast Are Hoverboards FAQ

How fast can a hoverboard go?

On average, hoverboards can achieve speeds of around six to eight miles per hour. Some models, however, are purpose-built for speed, easily achieving speeds of 13 to 16 MPH thanks to dual motor setups.

Do all hoverboards go at the same speed?

No. Hoverboards vary depending on make and model. Models made for children, as an example, typically go much slower than those built for modern professionals. Professional-grade hoverboards occasionally include dual motors.

What contributes to a hoverboard’s speed?

The maximum speed of a hoverboard is primarily determined by the onboard motor, though various external factors, such as the rider’s weight, can also make an impact.

How can I make my hoverboard faster?

Some self-balancing scooters can be jury-rigged to achieve a higher-than-advertised max speed. For safety reasons, however, we do not recommend adopting this practice.

Are fast hoverboards safe?

The fastest hoverboards can be nearly as safe as their slower cousins, providing the rider exercises caution and performs best safety practices. We recommend wearing a helmet, a kneepad, and other forms of protective gear.

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