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Making the Most of Your Hoverboard

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As with other electric scooters, the range on a hoverboard may vary. Here’s how to maximize the distance you can go using a single charge of your Hoverboard’s battery. Additionally, knowing how hoverboards work may help you understand how the different components can affect the battery life. And if you are one that likes to look to the future, you can check out our article on how flying hoverboards work, should we ever get the hoverboard Back to the Future II popularized.

Making the Most out of Your Hoverboard

Tips for longer range

Here’s a brief primer on how to get the most range from your favorite hoverboard. Whether you use a self-balancing electric scooter as your “last mile” mode of getting around when using public transportation or whether you ride all the way to school or work, here’s how you can get your hoverboard battery to last longer.

Riding Technique

If you have questioned, is my hoverboard safe? You should know that proper riding technique helps maximize range as well as safety. And not only are they safe, with proper technique and equipment, but they also can provide some health benefits.

Accelerate Moderately

The faster you accelerate, the faster your hoverboard battery will drain. The best self-balancing scooters have a range of about 15 miles on a single battery charge, but traveling close to their maximum speed, as with an electric car or other electric vehicles, will draw more voltage from the battery and cause it to drain faster.

Step off When Not Moving

Just standing and balancing on a hoverboard, your foot can cause minor motions that the hoverboard has to account for by activating the motors. This uses some motor power and causes a drain on the battery, reducing the maximum distance you can achieve on a single charge.

Use Power Saving Advanced Mode (When Available)

Some of the best and fastest hoverboards on the market provide smartphone app control with Bluetooth that lets you adjust riding modes for maximum safety and range. You can also set maximum speed and other safety features.

Route Planning

Here are some tips to help hoverboard owners plan their routes with the most efficiency.

Avoid Hills

Going uphill increases the torque demand and, thus, the current draw on your hoverboard battery. While many modern hoverboards and electric scooters can go up a 30-degree slope, this puts a drain on the lithium-ion batteries. Unlike electric cars and some electric bikes, most hoverboards don’t have regenerative braking, meaning you can’t add to the battery from going down a slope.

Ride on Smoother Surfaces

To get the maximum range out of your hoverboard battery, you’ll want to cut down rolling resistance as much as possible. That means the smoother the road, the better. There are off-road capable hoverboards these days, but riding over rough terrain adds friction and uses more power, making the battery drain faster. A smooth ride means less work for the electric motors and more range per charge. Avoid riding hoverboards on sidewalks and in pedestrian-only zoned areas.

Hoverboard Maintenance and Storage

Here are some helpful tips we have assembled in order to make it easy to store, maintain, and protect your hoverboard.

Keep Your Hoverboard at Room Temperature

As with most electric bikes and scooters, the typical electric hoverboard relies on lithium-ion batteries. Thermal management is key to maximizing range and battery life, as a lithium battery drains faster when it’s cold and becomes less efficient when it’s hot.

Safety Warning

Only use UL2272-certified lithium-ion batteries with proven fire-resistant casings and a valid safety certificate. Never overcharge your hoverboard battery; always use the correct charger. Having a UL2272-certified battery helps ensure your hoverboard doesn’t catch fire.

Make sure your hoverboard battery is in good condition

If you’ve noticed that your hoverboard doesn’t run for as long on a single charge as it did when it was new, you may be able to test the battery using a multimeter. If the voltage is too low, it may be time for a replacement hoverboard battery to restore range and motor power.

Wheel Size and Type for Best Battery Life

On a hoverboard with dual motors, the wheel size and type may have an effect on battery life and range as well. If you’re looking for the most powerful hoverboard that also gives you a decent range, you’ll want to look for wheels on the larger side, as this gives you “taller” gearing, meaning fewer motor rpm for a given speed. On the other hand, kids and smaller adults may find it easier to control a self-balancing board with smaller wheels. Off-road tires also reduce the distance you can go on a single charge.

Turn off Speakers and Lights When Possible

If you have one of the top Bluetooth hoverboards, you should know that turning off unnecessary features sometimes helps eke out the last mile or so of distance on longer rides.

Safety Warning:

If your hoverboard has a built-in light, always use it whenever riding in the dark, especially in areas where there aren’t dedicated bike lanes. Follow manufacturer safety guidelines and avoid riding on the sidewalk

Making the Most of Your Hoverboard FAQ

How Far Can Hoverboards Go On A Single Charge?

Most hoverboards today have a range of anywhere between 7 and 15 miles on a single charge. This means if you use a hoverboard to get to and from a train station, you might be able to get a week’s worth of urban commuting in before you have to plug in and recharge your electric scooter.

What Affects Hoverboard Battery Life?

A number of things can affect how much range you get on your hoverboard or self-balancing scooter. Speed and terrain can vary the distance you get on a single charge, as can the ambient temperature and whether you’re riding on hills. On longer rides, consider reducing speed, especially when going up a hill, and avoid routes with a steep slope.

Do hoverboards still catch fire?

The issue of hoverboard fires was due to some companies using cheap, low-quality batteries without proper safety features. Always check for UL or other safety compliance on Li-Ion battery packs. Hoverboards should always have batteries with fire-resistant casings and proper thermal management.

What Makes Hoverboard Batteries Special?

Hoverboard batteries, as with any higher voltage lithium batteries, need thermal management and fire-resistant casing. The design of these batteries is also important as they need to fit within the form factor of the hoverboard.

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