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How Do You Carry an Electric Scooter

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The best electric scooters are great for running errands around town or for short daily commutes. One of the key benefits of e-scooters is that they tend to be light, 15 to 30 pounds, and relatively easy to carry.


  • Electric scooters tend to be light, around 15 to 30 pounds, and easy to carry while you do errands or while you are at the office.
  • You can buy attachable handles and affix them to the scooter itself for the purpose of easy carrying.
  • Other options include affixing a dedicated strap or buying a custom-made scooter case.

Benefits of Carrying an Electric Scooter

The fact that e-scooters can be carried comfortably comes with a number of advantages. For instance, you won’t have to worry about your scooter getting stolen as you run into the bank for an errand. You can also bring the scooter into your office as you work or throw it in the trunk of a car for a beach vacation.

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One of the key benefits of e-scooters is that they tend to be light, 15 to 30 pounds, and relatively easy to carry.

Guide to Carrying an Electric Scooter

Though each e-scooter is different, we have assembled a list of relatively universal guidelines and tips to help you carry your scooter from one place to another.

Use Handles or Attach Handles

Some electric scooters come with handles attached that have been purpose-built for carrying. If carrying a scooter is high on your list of priorities, look for one of these e-scooters with a pre-existing handle. You can also buy a handle attachment and affix it yourself. These handles tend to be relatively inexpensive, long-lasting, and durable. You will have to perform the attachment process, though, so have any relevant tools on hand. Remember it’s also important to have the tools needed and know how to change a wheel just in case you have a flat tire while on the go.

Alternatively, if your scooter completely breaks down, you’ll want to know how to haul your electric scooter back home. Then, you can hang the scooter on the wall for it to recharge until you’re ready to use it again. On the other hand, if that scooter has completely broken down and it’s time for an upgrade, check out our review of the Razor E300 or the Xprit folding electric kick scooter.

Attach Straps

Similarly, you can purchase and affix carry straps to ease the burden of carrying an electric scooter. These straps tend to attach to both ends of the scooter, allowing you to drape the scooter over your back or to wear it across the front of your body. These straps, however, typically do not allow the scooter to fold, so we would advise caution as you walk to avoid the tires and any sharp edges of the scooter from poking into your body.

Dedicated Carrying Cases

An easy option would be to simply buy a dedicated carrying case or a piece of luggage that you can squeeze the scooter inside of. This case can be of a standard size or one that has been purpose-built for a particular model of scooter. Check with your scooter manufacturer to see if they create any custom cases for their line of e-scooters. As a warning, custom-made carrying cases for electric scooters can be relatively expensive, so take that into consideration before buying one. Another important factor to consider is the type of brakes and how to fix them.


Which electric scooters can airlines carry?

Airlines are extremely finicky when it comes to allowing scooters on flights. We would advise checking with your individual airline before attempting to bring one onto a plane.

Are all electric scooters foldable?

No, not every electric scooter is foldable. It depends on the design and the intent of the scooter itself. If folding is important to you, make sure the scooter includes this feature before making a purchase.

What are the lightest electric scooters made from?

Light electric scooters can be made from a variety of materials and composites, though they tend to include some form of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber of some kind.

STAT: In Europe alone, the market for shared e-scooter services is expected to reach at least 12 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. (source)

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