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Hoverkraft Improves Board Games By Adding Magnets

Board games are always useful to have in the house, but they can also be a little flat. As in, dimensionally; they don’t call them board games for nothing. So ThinkGeek, the ever reliable purveyors of nerd toys, wound up solving that, with a board game of their own design. Meet Hoverkraft, the board game that relies on magnets to give you a challenge.

Center Of Mass

The game itself is almost absurdly simple. You simply fire it up, and the board levitates up and off the bottom of the game’s base, conveniently tethered to two posts. All you need to do is stack translucent plastic pieces on the board until they fall off. Simple, right?


Well… to give you an idea of the actual challenge this might offer, take a look at the video above. It should tell you pretty much all you need to know; the magnetic field won’t keep the platform from flipping, and flipping nearly constantly. You’ll need to exercise your full awareness of physics in order to beat your opponent. Or, you know, just dump everything on the table because it’s a hoot. Hoverkraft is currently a ThinkGeek exclusive that runs $30.

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