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Hoverfly XL Off-Road Hoverboard Review: An Off-Road Hoverboard Well Worth the Price

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Off-Road hoverboards used to be the stuff of dreams, but over the last few years, more manufacturers have been releasing more rugged versions of best hoverboards so we can leave the road and explore the paths that are less traveled. This is just one benefit of using hoverboards.

The Hoverfly XL from GoTrax is one of these modern two-wheeled off-the-beaten-path beasts. I use the word beast because this personal transport has some real power when on the prowl. Plus, it comes with all of the features that hoverboard riders could want at a great price.

Although, if you prefer a board with multiple learning modes, you’ll want to check out the Swagtron T3.

This 2019 hoverboard has a lot of cool features, and I enjoyed research it. Read my Hoverfly XL hoverboard review to find out what else we liked and what we didn’t like about this hoverboard model.

Hoverfly XL Hands On Overview

Price: $229.00 on Amazon 
Available: Now

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The GoTrax HoverFly XL self-balancing scooter is a superb choice, scoring high marks in nearly every category, whether it be performance, ease of use, safety, or power. Getting so many features at an affordable price is what really knocks this one out of the park. But, if you’d like another option with similar power, check out our Gyroor hoverboard review.

What we liked

  • Powerful torque with dual 350W motors
  • Friendly for new users
  • Battery charges in about 1 hour
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Comfortable Rubber non-slip foot pads
  • Range of up to 12 miles
  • 7.4 mph top speed (11.2 mph w/ “pro mode”)

What we didn’t like

  • Seemed very heavy at 32.9 lbs
  • Didn’t perform well off-road in wet conditions

Hoverfly XL Specs

  • UL 2272 Certification (fire safety)
  • Dual 350W motors
  • Off-Road 8.5″ tires
  • Battery charges in about 1 1o 1.5 hours
  • 30-degree incline climbing capability
  • Comfortable Rubber non-slip foot pads
  • Range of up to 12 miles
  • 7.4 mph top speed (11.2 mph w/ “pro mode”)
  • Maximum weight of 220lbs
Hoverfly XL Hoverboard
We found the Hoverfly XL to be worth the price.

Hoverfly XL Review: Build Quality, Design, Power Performance

Hoverfly XL Build Quality

One of the most impressive things about the Hoverfly XL is the build quality. The first thing that you notice about this device is that it has a solid construction.

The 8.5-inch tires are quality rubber, with aluminum rims. The foot pads have a nice grip and are also a thick rubber material. The chassis is encased in a durable shell that feels solid and tough.

This hoverboard can stand up to some abuse.

Hoverfly XL Design

The styling of this unit is sleek while maintaining a rugged off-road attitude. GoTrax really took everything into account when detailing this model.

Everything from the shape of the LED lights, to the style of the rims, visually suggests serious speed and performance.

Aside from being on the heavy side, the design of this hoverboard makes it super easy to use, even for new riders: The footpads feel great, and the height of your feet from the ground feels perfect.

GoTrax really designed it to feel like a natural extension of your own body.

Hoverfly XL Power

The company boasts about the superior torque on this model, and they are not wrong. Torque refers to the rotational force of the motor. This hoverboard has a lot of it. And, if you want to adjust the mode, check out our guide to changing your hoverboard mode.

Dual 350W motors give this model some impressive power. So much so that you have to lean forward very lightly when you begin riding. Otherwise, it will take off way too fast.

You can feel the power beneath you. The motors provide plenty of force to tackle inclines up to 30 degrees and handle a maximum weight of 220 lbs, as well handling off-road terrain.

Performance: Flawless

On flat surfaces or inclines, it performed flawlessly, providing a comfortable and stable ride. No matter the speed, it was smooth sailing. Since this hoverboard is also designed for off-road fun, we took it into the grass, and it didn’t disappoint.

It does well on flat grass with fairly even terrain. When the ground gets uneven and bumpy, it still performs excellently, but you have to lean forward to give it more power, which is expected. The only problem we had off-road was when the ground was both wet and uneven (Not swamp-like, just muddy.).

In those conditions, the tires did not want to grip, and we had trouble getting enough momentum to move forward. Despite this, the Hoverfly XL earns high marks for performing well in NEARLY every off-road situation.

It will happily roll over all kinds of sticks, rocks, and leaves without any problems, as long as these obstacles are small and close to the ground.

Hoverfly XL Features

Three different modes

  • This hoverboard has a training mode for new riders, which restricts speeds while you learn. It also has a standard mode for experienced users. This removes the speed limitations so that you can go faster. The Pro mode can be unlocked after you have mastered the first two.

LED  Lights

  • Taking it for a ride at night, the Lunar-Bright LED lights get their chance to shine. We found them to be very powerful and bright enough to light the way ahead, allowing us to clearly see. That’s a big safety factor. We suspected they would be adequate to do the job, but we were impressed by just how well they work.

Charging time/Range

The company claims that the battery can be charged in 1.5 hours, which is fairly quick. In our research, we found that to be accurate.

Our battery charged in about an hour and 20 minutes. How much run time you’ll get from the battery is hard to calculate. It really depends on factors like the weight of the rider, what kind of terrain you are riding on and how fast you are going.

GoTrax says that you will get a range of 12 miles on a single charge. We had our doubts about this after witnessing how much power this hoverboard had. Surely it wouldn’t go that far.

Well, we were pleasantly surprised when we calculated a trip of about 11 miles.

iOS/Android Mobile App

The iOS and Android compatible mobile app displays stats and unlocks “pro mode” after you have mastered the training mode and standard mode. Pro Mode removes speed, driving force, and steering sensitivity restrictions. The app is easy to install and use, though it is pretty basic. Update: They are no longer carrying Bluetooth on this Gotrax XL model, so the app is not an option.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a hoverboard at a great price, this is one of your best options. While it doesn’t have all of the extra features that more pricey options have, you get a lot for your money. It boasts solid performance, has a quality build, is powerful, and is easy to use. Despite the lack of a Bluetooth speaker, you still get a fun and efficient ride out of the Gotrax Hoverfly XL Hoverboard.

This model handles off-road riding very well as long as you stick to the drier ground that is fairly flat. You may have noticed that we have very few negative things to say about the HoverFly XL, and that is because it simply excels in nearly every category.

Buying a hoverboard can be a daunting prospect, but we can say with confidence that this one will not let you down.

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