Hoverboard vs Segway – Learn the Key Differences

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Updated October 14, 2022

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There are some major differences between hoverboards vs Segways. For example, Segway is a brand name, whereas hoverboards come from many different manufacturers and have a wide range of features and options. They are both self-balancing scooters, so when looking for the best hoverboard, both are great options.

It just depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. Segways are generally bigger, and you’ll end up paying more for a brand name. This quick buyer’s guide may help you decide on the perfect personal transporter for you. If your heart is set on a Segway, take a look at this list of the best segways to find what’s best for you.


The primary difference between a hoverboard vs. Segway is the size. Segways are larger machines, and they have bigger wheels. They can weigh as much as 110 pounds. Hoverboards can be as light as about 22 pounds. But, hoverboards with fat tires also fall into the category of off-road boards.

Weight isn’t the only factor when considering the size. For instance, a Segway has handles for balance and steering. Plus, the overall design is more robust. A hoverboard has two wheels and a balance board.


The handlebar on a Segway plays a considerable role in helping to navigate. It’s more intuitive, and the learning curve isn’t as steep as, say, learning how to use an electric unicycle. Your feet control the movement on a hoverboard, and it can take some practice to learn to ride.


Hoverboards are vastly cheaper than Segways. Plus, you can get them from a lot of different manufacturers, as well as find some free hoverboards online, so you have more options. Just be careful to review them thoroughly before purchasing.

Segway is a reputable brand, so you’ll pay more, but for some, that’s a benefit. You know that what you’re getting is a quality made vehicle, and it’s worth knowing what you’re getting. If the cost is prohibitive, Segway may not be a good option for you.


Hoverboards and scooters come with a variety of different features. Make sure the product you’re purchasing has qualified safety features. For example, a UL certification or speed control when a beginner or a small child is using the product.

You can include LED lights, that can help you navigate in the dark or make your hoverboard look cool. There are also dual motors that can increase performance, water-resistant components, anti-theft alarms, and a mobile app. Both Segways and hoverboards have features like these in many of their designs.

Also, be sure to look into a product with a lithium-ion battery, and determine the appropriate battery life for your needs. Segways have larger batteries that typically last longer, but hoverboards vary.


Segways are used a lot for commercial purposes. Businesses will buy them for employees to navigate the grounds, like security personnel, for instance. Hoverboards are more accessible for individuals, and many people buy them as fun toys for their kids.

Both must follow the same rules when it comes to utilization. They aren’t allowed on surface streets, and they’re mainly only allowed on private property. Check with your local parks to make sure riding balancing scooters like these is allowed.

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