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Updated October 14, 2022

If you are learning about the wide world of personal transportation vehicles, you may be considering a hoverboard vs Rocketskates. The best hoverboards have fans, but so do rocketskates. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between these popular transportation gadgets.


  • Hoverboards use gyroscopic, otherwise known as self-balancing, control, while Rocketskates move via foot motions. They both have an electric motor and similar battery life.
  • Rocketskates are a proprietary product made by a company called Acton, so there is a smartphone app for more advanced remote control, AKA: handheld controls.
  • On average, Rollerskates will cost more than hoverboards, though some of the higher-end hoverboards may be pricier.

Differences Between Hoverboards and Rocketskates

There are many differences between hoverboards and Rocketskates, as the former uses self-balancing technology to propel riders, and the latter is controlled via simple foot motions and a related app. In this way, the comparison is more akin to a hoverboard vs an electric skateboard. Here are more differences between hoverboards and Rocketskates.

Insider Tip

Rocketskates actually go over your shoes, making them easy to simply stuff in a backpack and use when necessary.

Control Schemes

The primary difference between the two is their control schemes. Hoverboards are called self-balancing scooters for a reason, as riders move via small body and balance adjustments. Rocketskates, on the other hand, move forward when you lower your foot and brake when you raise your foot. Steering is done manually by shifting your body, similar to regular skates. Rocketskates are a proprietary product made by a company called Acton, so you can also download a smartphone app for more advanced controls. In other words, hoverboards use gyroscopic sensors for steering while Rocketskates use old-fashioned movement, this is similar to what you’d find comparing hoverboards to electric scooters.

Need for Speed

Hoverboards have the edge here, though it will depend on the make and model of your self-balancing scooter. Rocketskates features a max speed of 12 miles per hour, but some hoverboards can go up to 18 miles per hour, or even faster in some cases. Of course, heading downhill with Rocketskates affixed to your shoes would allow you to travel much faster, but this is not advisable for safety reasons. But, if you’re a pro, you’ll want that speed and likely want to know how to drift on a keyboard.

Safety Differences

When it comes to safety, hoverboards offer a safer and more reliable ride. Hoverboards are a time-tested technology, and manufacturers have had close to a decade to focus on safety. The self-balancing mechanism helps riders avoid obstacles and, as such, accidents. Rocketskates, on the other hand, can be tricky to learn unless you are a seasoned veteran of regular roller skates.


Rocketskates may not fit over the largest or the smallest of shoes. Be sure to check for compatibility.


Rocketskates are more expensive than your average hoverboard, as they are a proprietary product made by one company, whereas there is plenty of competition in the hoverboard space.


Is the cheaper hoverboard better?

Some budget-friendly boards are fine. Just make sure the AC adaptor and the lithium-ion battery pack are up to snuff. You should also pay attention to the motor, looking for a 55-watt motor or higher.

Are air purifiers effective at cleaning the air?

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What’s it like to have wheels for feet?

In a word, fun. There is a reason Acton’s Rocketskates have become so popular in such a short amount of time. They rival even the best electric skateboards and feature powerful hub motors for a smooth ride and a high-grade AC adapter.

Which is easier to ride?

We’d give the edge to the hoverboard, as self-balancing technology is good for new riders. If you are into roller skating, however, you may find the Rocketskates easier to use.

STAT: In 2017, the global market value of hoverboards was estimated to be worth approximately 2.77 billion U.S. dollars. (source)

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