How to Do Hoverboard Tricks

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Updated October 17, 2022

Take your riding experience to the next level by trying out some easy tricks using the latest hoverboards in the market. There are several cool hoverboard tricks that beginners can learn and enjoy even without having perfect balance. Once you have these beginner tricks mastered, you can try a harder trick with help from our guide on how to shove it on a hoverboard. And for something different, you can learn how water hoverboards work.

Awesome Hoverboard Tricks for Beginners

The Spin

The Spin is an essential move to learn before attempting other tricks and moves on your hoverboard. Before trying any trick, make sure you’re comfortable with the controls, balance, and operation of your hoverboard. To execute this basic spin move, tilt one foot forward while leaving the other flat. This will turn you in one direction. Keep turning until you finish a complete 360-degree hoverboard turn.

The Stork

The Stork, or one-sided spin, takes The Spin move to the next level. You are going to execute a full 360-degree turn, except this time, you stand on one side of the board. Start by simply lifting one foot off the board and slowly making a turn. When you’re comfortable with that, you can place one foot on the board’s platform (it is recommended to use your dominant foot) and the other on the wheel bumper (without placing your entire weight on it) and make a circle.

The Sitting Spin

The Sitting Spin is another great variation of The Spin. This trick is harder to pull off than it may seem. Sit on the hoverboard lengthwise, with your butt on the footpad of one side and your feet on the wheel bumper of the opposite side. Make sure to hold onto your knees to maintain control and balance. Then, tilt your body to one side to start spinning.

The Genie

The Genie is a magical trick that may take a little practice. For this trick, you’re going to place your shins on the pad as if you’re sitting on your knees. Keep your feet on the ground behind you until you find your balance. Place your hands on the hoverboard wheel bumpers. When you feel comfortable, lift your feet from the ground and move forward. You can turn by shifting your body weight from side to side.

As with other types of transportation, doing tricks can increase the risk of damage to your hoverboard. If you damage your hoverboard, however, be sure to know how to dispose of a hoverboard.


How do you get good at riding a hoverboard?

Riding a hoverboard is all about balance. Practice in a flat, safe area while wearing a helmet. Once you get comfortable balancing on the board, you can improve your skills from there.

Are hoverboard tricks hard to do?

There are a range of hoverboard tricks you can do, with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Start off with simpler tricks like spins and learn from there. Always wear safety equipment and practice in a safe area. Hoverboard safety is incredibly important, that’s why it is advisable to dispose of old and damaged devices, as they are prone to causing accidental falls.

What can you do with your hoverboard?

If you want to do more with your hoverboard than just ride it, you can choose to learn some safe tricks like slugging on your hoverboard. Tricks are another way to have fun on your board and impress your friends.

Can you sit on a hoverboard?

You can sit on a hoverboard, though it may require some practice, as balancing a hoverboard while sitting down is a different experience. Make sure to check the size ratings for a rider before sitting on the device.

Do you have to wear a helmet on a hoverboard?

Yes. Wearing a helmet is necessary for proper hoverboard safety, especially when executing tricks. Helmets protect your head in the case of a fall, which can happen during any activity that involves balance. You should also use other hoverboard safety gear like knee and elbow pads, and most importantly, learn how to fix your hoverboard when the red light comes on.

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