Hovding Inflatable Motorcycle Helmet

With a built-in gas generator to inflate it from collar to full-blown helmet in 0.1 seconds, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin’s Hovding inflatable motorcycle helmet will not give you helmet hair. That much is for sure, but whether you want to trust the integrity of your skull to a very cleanly and neatly designed whit inflatable helmet is another question entirely.

Further enhancing that point is the way the helmet decides if it should inflate or not. An algorithm was designed after studying the normal movement patterns of riders, as well as head movement and acceleration during staged crashes with dummies. This lets the helmet lay low in collar form when you’re riding safely, and only become its true self when the algorithm detects a crash.

You guessed that one before I spelled it out for you, but I did it just so we’d all be clear: this is not a real helmet – it’s only becomes one based on mathematical probabilities. The developers even included a black box that records 10 seconds before an accident, and they ask you to send the data in whenever you get in road trouble, so they can improve the software. If you do it, you get a discount when you buy another Hovding.

Are you kidding me? Why would you need another one? Get a real helmet people, leave the testing to crash dummies.


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  1. The design and the concept of these helmet is good, but it is too funny helmet and the our country helmet law will not allowed to wear this helmet, it is not a safety for riders and i am also agree with anonymous that its not a helmet its a airbag on head.
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