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Here’s A House With A Slide Built Into It

One of the advantages of growing up is that you get to define adulthood as anything you want. Especially if you have a lot of money and the ability to hire professional designers to do anything you want. Even if that happens to include a playground slide, carefully built into your home as if it always belonged there.

Sliding In

The slide itself is, well, a slide. It’s made of steel, like most playground equipment, and lets you loop down to the living room from the second floor. In fact, it deposits you right in a soft, pillowy living room so you actually have one up on all those lousy kids with their playgrounds and their rubber sheeting. Take that, children.

Aside from that, though, it’s impressive how the architect incorporated what is, on its face, a ridiculous design element into a home. The metal is highly polished, and every room is carefully designed to integrate the slide as if everybody had a giant metal halfpipe in their home to go sliding down. And before you ask, for the dignified and the people who stay sober at parties, yes, there are actual stairs you can climb to get to the second floor. Of course, this raises the question of why you would, when there’s a slide you can climb up. Hey, it’s exercise!


No really, that's a slide. In a house.

Yes, that’s a slide.

Is a slide the most practical design element for a house? Probably not. Then again, it’s not about practicality, beyond a certain point. If the goal of a home is to create a space you’re comfortable and happy in, and a slide makes that happen… why shouldn’t you have a slide?

2 Comments to Here’s A House With A Slide Built Into It

  1. Ed Would

    I’ll be impressed when they invent one that slides up instead of down.

  2. Mauris

    Is that Zipatile on that wall?

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