HOTOR Leak Proof Organizer Waterproof Multipurpose Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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A strong contender for the best car garbage can is the Multipurpose Trash Leak Proof Car Organizer by HOTOR. This car trash can is affordable (at less than $13), and can be used in different places around your car or in different vehicles. Black is the only color that this auto trash bin comes in, but it does have free delivery!

Why We Like It – HOTOR Leak Proof Organizer Waterproof Multipurpose

The Hotor Vehicle Trash & Leak Proof Car Organizer is the perfect car garbage bin to help keep your car trash-free & neat. Collapsible, waterproof, and leakproof, the HOTOR car trash even has free shipping, so become a new customer today!

  • Leak Proof Waterproof Car Garbage Can
  • 3 Storage Pockets
  • Collapsible Design
  • Small Capacity (2 Gallons)
  • Side Button Liner Locks Can Be Hard To Use


This black HOTOR car trash can hold nearly two gallons of trash (our #1 choice, the Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can, also holds two gallons of trash). The leak proof car organizer (waterproof as well!) has an easy-to-clean interior, so it’s suitable for all kinds of trash even if you don’t use trash bags or liners. You can easily hang it off of the seat back, the passenger car seat, or between the rear seat for easy access. Please try different setups to find the best one for you (judging by the customer reviews, results vary by vehicle).

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This organizer/waterproof car garbage bin has a design similar to many other storage bags. The black HOTOR product is only available in one color (try the EPAuto Car Trash Storage Pockets if you’re looking for other color options), and has the standard leak-proof liner and adjustable straps. Since it can be used as both a trash bucket and an organizer, you won’t always need trash bag liners (which is good because none are included). However, if you do decide to use liners, the black HOTOR car trash can uses four side buttons to secure garbage bags. Speaking of secure, check out our Inches Premium Skates Bearing Furniture review, if you need a tool that’s secure and safe for lifting your car.


This multi-purpose trash can & organizer is a cheap way to keep your car clean! Although not as cheap as the KMMOTORS Jopps Comfortable Original Wastebasket, this auto wastebasket is waterproof (unlike the previous product) so we feel it’s worth the extra $3. The leak proof car trash basket has free delivery as well as free returns in case it doesn’t work for your car. Black HOTOR product returns shouldn’t be a concern for you though, as the company offers a replacement or a full refund for the bin.

HOTOR Leak Proof Organizer Waterproof Multipurpose Wrap Up

This waste bin/organizer by HOTOR is a great go-to if you need something waterproof and affordable that can also be collapsed for easy storage. Although the side button design that HOTOR uses to clamp garbage bags in place isn’t the most efficient, that’s a small price to pay for a reliable car trash can (which is backed up by excellent customer service and the promise of a full refund).

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