Today eBay has gone all out on the PlayStation discounts… Well, to be honest it’s not just PlayStation, there are a ton of discounts to make with a new $15 off $75+ coupon code. With PlayStation Store gift cards rarely ever going on sale, it’s particularly notable.

Now when you buy a PlayStation Network Gift Card worth $75 or more you get $15 off after promo code. Since there is no $75 Gift Card out there for a PlayStation Store Gift Card, your best bet is to buy from PayPal’s Digital Gifts store. There you’ll find Cards in $20 increments. Buying 4 $20 Gift Cards gets you a total of $80. Checkout and enter promo code CSUMMERFUN2016 to reduce the price to only $65.

The catch really is the expiration of the coupon code. The code is only valid through today at 5PM Pacific. One exception is a $20 discount on a PlayStation Plus 1 year subscription card on sale for $39.99 on eBay Deals – unrelated to the coupon code, but you could technically buy two years of PlayStation plus for only $65 – or $35 cheaper than paying the full $100 MSRP.

Gaming Gift Card Deals

For all deals except the PS Plus card use promo code: CSUMMERFUN2016

Store Gift Card Deals

Use promo code: CSUMMERFUN2016

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