Horizon’s H-Cell 2.0 Fuel System Puts A Hydrogen Tank On Any RC Car


This is worthy of the best remote control car.

Horizon is set to turn the RC car world on its head with the introduction of the H-Cell 2.0 hydrogen fuel system, an add-on hydrogen fuel cell for hobbyists and high end RC car systems, and promises to increase run times 2-4 times over a standard battery charge.  Horizon has been working on the tech for the last few years and has managed to also cook up a to scale hydrogen fueling station that extracts hydrogen from water, lets you charge your RC car an endless amount of times and can draw all the necessary power from a set of solar panels.  They haven’t come clean about price, but we’re expecting an announcement sometime between Feb 3 and 9th at the Nuremberg Toy & Hobby Fair.

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Hobby RC Industry Leaps into the Future with Hydrogen Power

SINGAPORE – February 3, 2010. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies are about to turn science fiction into reality for millions of hobby RC enthusiasts by introducing the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell power system for hobby-grade radio controlled vehicles, which can also be refueled using model-scale hydrogen refueling stations.

The new add-on kit replicates the function of real-scale zero emission hydrogen cars currently being developed by the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

Radio controlled vehicles are a global phenomenon with its own clubs, racing events, competitions, magazines, and a great variety of models and spare parts that can be purchased at thousands of hobby stores. Built to look like real cars, boats or planes, these fast and technically sophisticated machines are built from the ground up by hobby RC enthusiasts of all ages, and are typically powered by high performance batteries, miniature combustion engines or even miniature jet engines.

Named H-cell 2.0, the new hydrogen fuel cell power kit was designed for high performance radio controlled touring cars, but is also adaptable to other electric RC vehicles, robots or boats. Besides being a real-working technology demonstrator for vehicles of the future, the system extends the runtime of today’s battery-operated RC vehicles by a factor of three to four.

Horizon spent 2 years developing the solution which now also has a unique refueling system that automatically extracts hydrogen from water, and stores it as a solid form in the vehicle’s on-board hydrogen storage. The miniature storage tanks contain metallic alloys that adsorb hydrogen into their crystalline structure and release it back at low pressures, enabling the highest volumetric energy density of any form of hydrogen storage – including liquid hydrogen.

The model scale hydrogen refueling system is adaptable to solar panels or wind turbines to produce a completely carbon-free and futuristic experience, effectively demonstrating an energy cycle that completely eliminates greenhouse gas emissions.
“In my 30+ years of experience in electronics for consumer, aerospace, and automobile industries, I always look for the most innovative products to either use or modify and redesign for my applications” said Dr. Akis Doganis, a Silicon Valley veteran and currently Technical Director at TSMC. Dr. Doganis is also a passionate hobby RC enthusiast. “Speed, handling and longer time between pit stops are the desirable criteria for winning in hobby racing. I used the H-cell 2.0 hydrogen fuel cell power system to build a winning R/C car with great performance, an extraordinary look, and never before observed endurance. My plan is now to develop an optimized hydrogen powered R/C car that will outperform any others in its class, perhaps even start a new class of high performance competition R/C cars” concluded Dr. Doganis.

While the scientists and engineers at Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies continue to develop zero emissions solutions targeting real-scale transport and residential applications, they are starting to commercialize a variety of products for today’s smaller-scale applications, such as hand held electronics, portable generators, and recreational power devices. The company’s high energy density power systems capability is also being applied towards the development of new generations of silent electric reconnaissance aircraft that can fly several hours on a single charge.

The new fuel cell power kit for model scale RC racing will be unveiled to hobby professionals and enthusiasts at the upcoming Feb 3-9 Nuremberg Toy & Hobby Fair, by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (Hall 11.1 / Booth C-34).

About Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Thinking big, yet starting small, Horizon pioneered the sales of next-generation fuel cell power products in small consumer products, while developing larger-scale clean power solutions for practical applications in portable remote power, light-duty transportation and aerospace-defense. With comprehensive technological developments focused on enabling the commercialization of fuel cells Horizon is the first company to bring advanced fuel cell technology out of the laboratories and into the mainstream market.  For more information, visit HYPERLINK “http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/”http://www.horizonfuelcell.com

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